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Plugins CUAManager 10

CUAManager v.1.10 - A few fixes
* Browsing presets will clear its cached path so you will see newly saved presets in VaM
* Fixed SubScene atom types not storing creator name in the preset file. Loading SubScene presets should work now even after restarting VaM ;)

Don't forget to update your SessionPlugins after downloading this version.
CUAManager v.1.8 - Cleanup from the v.1.7 update :)
* Fixed auto load triggers using clothing item presets not always working as intended since the 1.7 update (Oops).
* Doubled the time you have to disable an active clothing item tracked by an auto load trigger. This will make it easier to disable those items if you have low FPS.
* Tweaked so you must click the same clothing item tracked by an auto load trigger twice to disable it and not just click any two clothing item tracked by an auto load trigger.

CUAManager v.1.9 - Cleanup from the v.1.8 update ;)
* Remove a left-over debug log message (otherwise exactly the same version as v.1.8).
CUAManager v.1.7:
* Made it easier to manage your auto load triggers. Added possibility to sort and filter the list of your auto load triggers. Easily sort over morph name, preset name or current active triggers (this makes it quicker to find a specific trigger). The auto load triggers can be found in its own section now in the plugin interface.
* Added support for SubScene atoms (and a few other atom types, activate additional atom types in the options).
* Added a feature that reuses existing assetUrls from other loaded CustomUnityAssets when loading a new CustomUnityAssets if the assetUrl uses the same filename for the assetbundle. This is to avoid errors when trying to load the same assetbundle file but from another destination (different .var packages including the same assetbundle for example). This option assumes that same filenames share the same assetbundle file. You can disable this from the options.
* Fixed a bug where triggers wouldn't always activate if they used a morph with the same name as another morph from different .var package or destination (different .var packages including the same morph for example).
* Fixed a bug where multiple triggers wouldn't load multiple presets correctly if the different presets shared same atomUids.

CUAManager v.1.5
Update for CUAManager (CustomUnityAssetManager) to v.1.5 with some quality-of-life improvements:
- FileBrowser can be used to browse and select presets (just leave the "Select Preset" selector blank).
- Dropdown selectors updated to filtered dropdowns.
- Saving a preset now prompts you to take a screenshot which will be shown in the FileBrowser.
- Fixed a bug where auto load triggers wouldn't trigger properly when loading another gender.
- Fixed a null-ref when selecting an atom linked to a non-existing parent atom.

CUAManager Updated for VaM
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