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Emissive clothing without having to use force reload!

EmissiveClothingPlus - an overhaul of @immyneedscake emissive script

Thanks to immyneedscake and Alazi for their work on the emissive shader script in the first place. 😃
This script is based on the one found in https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/killision-subverse.6221/

Recommend to only keep the latest version active in your AddonPackages folder, delete/inactivate any older versions!
  • EmissiveClothingPlus v4 requires VAM
  • EmissiveClothingPlus v2 should work in older versions of VAM.

Emissive clothing are clothing items with one or more materials with a name containing "(em)" or with a decal texture name containing "(em)". These clothing items are designed to be lit up and be emissive using a script. This script is an updated version of the original emissive shader script. It removes the need of force reload and adds other quality of life improvements.

This emissive script is re-built.
  • You can add the plugin as a session plugin to apply automatically on all "(em)" clothing enabled materials if you don't want to tinker with plugin scripts on each person atom all the time.
    • Certain clothing items still require you to have a plugin script on a person atom depending on the clothing item and how the author of the clothing item uses this plugin to apply the effect!
    • See EmissiveClothingPlus v4 update for more details about session plugin.
  • Save as a person plugin preset to re-apply the emissive plugin at a later time when the session plugin isn't enough.
    • CUAManager can load plugin presets based on morph triggers on a look
  • Material tab names or decal texture names containing "(em)" in its name are considered an emissive clothing material.
  • Cloth content creators can include emissive settings in the decal texture filename for easy sharing of emissive settings. The end user only has to add the plugin as either a session plugin or as a script on a person.
  • You can change presets on clothing items while the emissive is active. You do not have to worry about force-reload.
  • Demo scene: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/emissiveclothingplus-demo-scene.31440/
  • See the very bottom of the page for subtle changes from the original plugin if you have used it before.
If you're new to emissive clothing items at all, here are some resources that works well with this plugin:
⚠ See the instructions below the list first!
ℹ Many of the authors here have other emissive clothing items too, so check out their other resources to find more:

⚠ Below are some clothing items that requires certain settings to be properly configured in the plugin! This makes it more complicated to use in other scenes. It's worth checking out and you can always save a plugin preset for each item to apply the effect in other scenes easily.

ℹ This is not a comprehensive list covering all emissive clothing items available, but some that isn't paid. If you want to see me list some non-paid emissive clothing items or preset that works with this plugin send me a PM!

Add EmissivePlus.cslist found in the var package (from the latest version) on a person atom for all available features, such as forcing emissive on non-emissive clothing items as seen below.

Using the filters you can force the emissive effect on selected clothing materials. See video below. Filters not available if run as a session plugin!

Support varies on clothing items not designed to be emissive, depending on the source texture used in the material. Materials with a decal texture or alpha texture already set works pretty much out-of-the-box (like the eye glitter clothing in the video - clothing item: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/eye-glitter.19386/).

Other clothing items and materials might require a different source texture or a fixed white color set in order to actually start glowing! Strongly recommend to uncheck "Use original color" when using filters on non-emissive clothing materials.

Some built in effects include color tweening and alpha modifier value, controlled by a sin-curve, a morph or a floatparam value from a source.



Please note that you might have to adjust "Color mode" and "Remove Decal texture from source" and "Color Alpha" in order to make the emissive effect look *identical* as the original emissive script this is based on. I changed the default color alpha to 1.2 to have more of an effect in the general case when adding this plugin first time. Some versions of the original emissive script removed the decal when the render original was active. I changed this to keep the decal and not remove it but you can opt in to remove it if you want. Color mode is the same as the original one but I inverted the boolean value. Most clothing with a decal emissive texture looks better with pre-multiplied color mode. Try around and see what looks best for you.
Loading any of the original emissive shader plugin first will make this plugin fail to load properly - but it will try to use a backup strategy and find the expected shader among already loaded resources within VAM.
This plugin is intended to replace any of the original emissive shader scripts that requires force reload. You should NOT mix and match this plugin with the original ones in the same scene.

PostMagic https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/postmagic.161/ required for the bloom effect.
Depending on your PostMagic settings and scene lightning intenstity you may have to adjust the color alpha value to not overexpose or underexpose the glow effect.

https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/lewdmarks-womb-tattoos.668/ used for the womb tattoos demonstration.
https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/eye-glitter.19386/ used for the eye glitter demonstration.
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If you are a sci-fi-neon\fantasy-magic fan, you CANNOT survive without this.
The best emissive plugin. Working perfeclty for my BloodElfettes eyes. <3 <3 <3 <3
This is amazing,but I strongly recommend you would be able to give a tutorial on how to make any body part emissive using this plugin or by adding new features to this plugin, or is there a patreon version already there to achieve what I said?
This plugin enables emissive for clothing items, not body parts. I do not create clothing items so I couldn't give a tutorial how to create clothing items. You could use https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/geoshell-skin-emission.6247/ for a full body emissive clothing item.
Greetings! I got this Error when I'm trying to load plugin:
!> Compile of Blazedust.EmissiveClothingPlus.4:/Custom/Scripts/Emissive/EmissivePlus.cslist failed. Errors:
!> [CS1061]: Type `SuperController' does not contain a definition for `LoadedSceneName' and no extension method `LoadedSceneName' of type `SuperController' could be found. Are you missing an assembly reference? in <Unknown> at [741, 74]
EmissiveClothingPlus v4 requires VAM or later. I have only verified this plugin in
Here is a quick modification I did to remove LoadedSceneName, maybe it will compile in your version of VAM, but it WILL impact the function of the session plugin, maybe to the point where the plugin doesn't work as intended when swapping scenes. https://mega.nz/file/9ZUXAIQZ#_96bTOGgCFk0eP_SWO6CJtf8A757jldcGBgiZ_FqPso
If this doesn't work for you then you will have to modify the script yourself in order to get it working in your version of VAM.
Thank you very much!
good job!! bro
This is some great plugin. Thank you.
Going to have some fun Tron times 🏍
I hope that the future floating fabric can also be used
So convenient and so cool!
Finally i can make these emissive clothing to work, i tried so hard with the old one, there's only so many times i can do the exact thing i'm supposed to do before going crazy.
I hope this spawns more emissive clothing to mess around with.
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