Geoshell Skin Emission

Clothing Geoshell Skin Emission 1.0

This is a G2F geoshell that modders can use for custom body glow and emissions by including presets on their looks. This also works for clothing if the clothing is skin-tight.

This contains no outfits or presets. It's just a base geoshell that other presets can use as a clothing item. It is set up in such a way that it complements the emissive shader.

How to use (users):
- Make sure characters in scene don't have an emissive plugin attached. If you have issues, see FAQ!
- Force Reload this clothing.
- Load the desired clothing preset.
- Merge Load "Emissive-Geoshell" plugin preset.

0. Open extra options in the plugin.

1. Increase the emissive effect by using this slider:

2. You can either use Color wheel to set the color emissive tint or allow the plugin to grab this information from the clothing's diffuse. I coded this in based on some of Alazi's work:
View attachment 36996
3. If you are running this in VR, the plugin is kinda busted. So I implemented an alternate emissive intensity control in the script based on some of Alazi's work. You can switch this using the Mode switch:
View attachment 36997
Redo all steps if emission stops working or breaks.

Q. Error saying cannot load emissiveshader.assetbundle

A: Remove the emission plugin from all characters and save the scene. Reload VAM and now load in the plugin preset as in instructions. Only load that exact same plugin preset once it is in your scene.

Q. Error showing a constant stream of "Queue Rescan"
A: Remove the emission plugin from character. Force Reload all clothing. Re-add the emissive plugin preset.

How to make presets (modders):
- Change the diffuse, specular, gloss, and normal texture such that it is identical to character skin or skin-tight clothing.
- Make a Decal map of the area where you want your emission to show. Add it in _DecalTex Field.
- Make an Alpha map that is white only where you want emission to show. Add it in _AlphaTex
-Save it as a clothing preset that you can load.

If you like my work, consider supporting me on Patreon:

Alazi for Emissive Shader and script, that I modified.
Some code from Hunting-Succubus and Everlaster from their emissiveshader script edits.


A few screenshots of what is possible, and a few presets of mine for you to download:

Samus Bodysuit Emissive
VaM 2021-04-19 00-45-16s.png

Subverse - Demi Body Glow
VaM 2021-03-28 14-57-02.png

Links to presets made by other users:
@VirtualWorkouts Emissive Tattoo Collection:
(Need to join NoOC Discord server)

@VirtualWorkouts Lilith Glowing Tattoo
(Need to join NoOC Discord server)

@VirtualWorkouts Maya Glowing Tattoo
(Need to join NoOC Discord server)

@VirtualWorkouts Heart Eyes
(Need to join NoOC Discord server)

@Denngar Ariana Lavellan

@Syrinxo Lady Kasadya, Primal Form - Hellfucker!

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