Lady Kasadya, Primal Form - Hellfucker!

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Welcome to Hell.
Emissive Hell!

Preview video (with sound, music credit)

Preview GIF of the preview video:

Following up the first issue of my Lady Kasadya and Ethan comic, I released Kasadya's "basic" look, and thought I'd round out the comic's plot by releasing her "primal" look with a simple scene.

Also, @immyneedscake released an emissive geoshell (glowing skin) and I had been wanting to give Kasadya glowing eyes too, so... that was my April, right there.

Kasadya starts with collisions off. I was having trouble with explosions - infrequent but inevitable - so, activate with that understanding. (Didn't happen when testing on my stock install, so it might be OK for you.)

Her wings ARE on the Hub, despite what the Dependencies list says. :mad::mad:
Get them here, thanks HuntingSucc:

Emissive Skin and Eyes Instructions
Buckle up, this is long. But I've simplified as well as I can, and I hope I got it all right!

Warning: Giant pain in the ass; you need to set it up every. time. you. load. the. scene.

Also, her glow will not fade in and out in the scene (as seen in the video) unless you fix the Timeline triggers (in her "Mmm" animation) because they break every. time. you. load. the. scene.

1. You must have these two dependencies downloaded: immyneedscake.Geoshell_Skin_Emissive and immyneedscake.RyanReos_DaemonGirl.latest (for skin and eyes, respectively).

2. Open either of them (.VAR files open with any .ZIP program) and copy the file Custom\Scripts\emissiveshader.assetbundle to your VAM install's Custom\Scripts folder.

3. Open/restart VAM and load KasadyaPrimal.json (from this VAR) in Edit mode.

Before starting to (re)load emissive clothing: Always make sure her Plugins tab has NO "Emissive Clothing" plugin; if there is one, remove it, then continue. There shouldn't be one straight out of the VAR, but I'd double-check.

4. Select Kasadya's atom (or press 'N' until she's selected) and open her Clothing tab.
Geoshell Body Emission and Daemon Girl Glowing Eyes should be active already. You're going to be customizing both of them.

5. For each of these clothing pieces, you're going to go to the Preset/Custom tab and click Force Reload:

6. Then, for each of the geoshell and the eyes, select and load a preset.
Both necessary presets and their textures are inside the KasadyaPrimalHellfucker VAR.

Navigating to the Geoshell clothing preset, click my VAR in the left the select the preset:

The demon eyes preset: again, select this VAR and pick the preset:

Finally, we load the plugin via preset.
7. Go to K's Plugin Presets tab, and check the "Use Merge Load" box.
If this is unchecked, then loading the emissive plugin will remove all other plugins (breaking the scene, obviously).
Then, go to Select Existing [plugin].

8. This time, select immyneedscake's Geoshell VAR, and select the Emissive-Geoshell preset.

Done! At this point, if Kasadya's skin and eyes do not begin to glow, then start over at Step 3! ...and if it still doesn't work, ding me in Discussion here and I'll help/fix the VAR. xD

Final note: Open the Emissive Clothing plugin's Custom UI to adjust the glow brightness. Find the broken Transition triggers in her "Mmm" timeline animation and fix them (point at the plugin, set values to transition from 0.01 to 1.5) to animate the glow.
And if you're using VR, check the "Mode" box.

I think that's everything. This project definitely has my lowest Work:payout ratio, however cool the glowy shit is, and so many things in it could be done SO much better but that would be even MORE time... so, I hope you enjoy, or at least find a better use for K's Primal look! xD

WeebU for horns, Hunting-Succubus for wings, Oeshii for environment.
Exstatic for environmentals, and TacoCat for the skybox.
Plugins by BlazeDust, MacGruber, Acidbubbles, ClockwiseSilver.
immyneedscake for all things emissive, and everyone he credits for that rabbit hole as well!!
Morphs from Kemenate, Spacedog, QBase, ParticlPinnacle, SupaRioAmateur; hair by Kemenate and ClockwiseSilver.
You are all amazing and VAM would not be VAM without you all contributing so massively.

Support me doing creative awesome things (hopefully) not nearly quickly enough to deserve it!
And a loving thanks to my loyal cadre that puts up with my struggling output schedule!
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