1. Theuf

    Scenes Late Night Riding 1

    This is a short animated scene, created with mocap. I kept it very simple, ( less problems ). Thanks to the plugins Creators: everlaster.TittyMagic7 hazmhox.Vammoan.3 ClockwiseSilver.ExpressionTool.2 Auto.Cock.3 Models are from my collection : Bea_Lee ...
  2. PetaZwega

    Scenes Milk Truck Resupply 1.0

    NOTE: Set Physics Rate to 60HZ and Physics Update Cap to 2 for best results Since the other scene was so well received I sat down and tried myself on another one with a similar feel inspired by a great animation by VGErotica. As with Milk Truck Arrival I added a few clothing options to...
  3. Syrinxo

    Scenes Lady Kasadya, Primal Form - Hellfucker! 3

    Welcome to Hell. Emissive Hell! Preview video (with sound, music credit) Preview GIF of the preview video: Following up the first issue of my Lady Kasadya and Ethan comic, I released Kasadya's "basic" look, and thought I'd round out the comic's plot by releasing her "primal" look with a...
  4. S

    Plugins TCode Random Stroker 1

    I made some edits to the Tcode random stroker plugin from Tempest (link to his Patreon in above). This is meant for use with the OSR2, but can also just be used to add animations to a scene. Attached with the plugin are two very basic example scenes - two with paid content if you have it from...
  5. Syrinxo

    Scenes Lillian Rides 2

    [Full preview video at the bottom] Here's a "simple" scene with Lillian and her college boyfriend, Alex. They went on a ski trip and got snowed into their cabin overnight. They kept warm. 🔥🔥 The scene is built with a bunch of expression and gestural animations that loop in mostly random...
  6. KittyMocap

    Scenes Time Travel 1

    Story: Michael used a time machine and was teleported to a distant future where all girls are sex maniacs. Screenshots: CREDITS: Cow Girl by Sharr ( https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/cow-girl.4445/ ) About me: I am KittyMocap - a girl who likes to create mocap animations in VAM. Enjoy...
  7. SelchidhVR

    Scenes Immersive Set #8 – Captured 2020-12-04

    Immersive Scene Set #8 – Captured After being apprehended and detained in a foreign military facility, you now realize that your captor isn’t interested in information... This set includes a static scene to display the look, and an immersive girl-on-top scene scripted and voiced by the...
  8. Slam Thunderhide

    Scenes CowGirl 2020-11-19

    This was supposed to be Part 2 of BJ Girl but that one took on a life of its own. This one is pretty basic. She teases you then rides you. Touch her right calf and she grinds slow and steady. Touch her left calf and she rides you fast and hard. Hopefully your dick lines up ok with her. Sometime...
  9. riding demon bikini.png

    riding demon bikini.png

  10. riding green.png

    riding green.png

  11. riding green.png

    riding green.png

  12. riding elf

    riding elf

  13. VirtAmateur

    Looks Anna 2020-10-23

    Look based on one of my favorite adult performers. Includes pinup scene and appearance preset. Wanna know how she got her nickname? See her move in the (paid) scene I made for her: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/la-batidora-cubana.1820/
  14. Y

    Scenes riding with launch / mcgruber life plugin 1

    riding demon with mcgruber life plugin/vam launch and some other
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