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This is a COMIC, and something a bit different...
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Issue#2 is planned for 9/2021.

In this erotic Virt-a-Mate comic, a horny shape-shifting succubus summons a lonely nerd from the Overworld to be her plaything. Things don't go as expected, though, when he decides that he wants to get to know the being hiding behind her voluptuous facade...

Featuring: Giantess! Boob inflation (kinda)! Shapeshifting! Romantic drama! Poetry! Humor!...? My fleeting sanity!!

Oh, and there are animations - please read the description on the Patreon post, or go directly to and read the Google Docs version if you want to see jiggly bigglies juggling. Sample below.

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Very cool and well put-together. It's not 100% my cup of tea content-wise (if I watch Giantess, I like her to be futa), but I still thoroughly enjoyed the imagery and writing and am looking forward to your future work. :-)
It was an enjoyable read! I'm into giantesses and the like, so that was very good. I think the writing is quite witty and funny too.
Awesome, glad you liked it!! Thanks for the review.
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