Mistress Kasadya, "Basic" Form (Giant and Normal)

Looks Mistress Kasadya, "Basic" Form (Giant and Normal) 2

Custom skin and morph. Kasadya is the main character of my comic "Lady Kasadya and Ethan," available here.

This VAR contains 3 scenes, modified to be copyright kosher/halal - two with a lightly animated GIANT Kasadya for a fun little VR experience, and a normally sized one. I recommend using Blazedust's ParentHoldLink (in dependencies) and CUAManager to deal with the horns, if you reuse her in your own scenes (or add your own, those are Sharr's without textures).

Edit 1: In the all-fours giant scene, her right horn won't accept UnityAsset VAMifier for me. Apologies if this is happening to you too (let me know) - not sure how to fix this yet.

Edit 2: VARs missing from the Hub are the environment (thanks Oeshii!) and Prestigitis' hand plugin, because you know I like a girl who knows what to do with her fingers. ;)
Oeshii's "The Ritual" environment
Prestigitis' "Hand Pose" plugin (WHY is this not on the Hub??!)


Kasadya's "Primeval" form, with custom lava skin, will be coming next! I doubt many will find her sexier that way, but she's... fun?
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  1. Fix to Kasadya's horns

    The horns' colors weren't working because Unity Asset VAMifier doesn't work if the asset is...

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