Mistress Kasadya, "Basic" Form (Giant and Normal)

Looks Mistress Kasadya, "Basic" Form (Giant and Normal) 2

The horns' colors weren't working because Unity Asset VAMifier doesn't work if the asset is parented to another atom. An easy fix.

The size and orientation weren't working because - I THINK - using Parent Hold Link plugin on them, plus using CUA Manager to copy the horns between scenes, employed a different orientation system - inside a "container" - that remained in the JSON and stacked with global translation data even after the plugins were removed.
I had to work on it in a 2nd VAM install and manually edit the JSONs for all three scenes to fix it (hopefully).
However, that explanation doesn't make 100% sense, so please do let me know if you see anything funky with the horns.
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