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  • PostMagic.4 has been released. I don't really maintain this plugin anymore. However, a generous 3-digit Patreon donation by @sunstroker had me spend a couple of hours on an improvement for the UserLUT module. There is now a dropdown menu (and the usual slider) allowing you to more quickly try other LUTs in the same folder of the one you opened. There are also Next/Previous buttons, which are also exposed as VaM trigger actions. That means you could for example you could hook it up to a button in your scene or Acid Bubbles Keybindings plugin.

    There are no other changes.
    New AudioReverb plugin has been added with Essentials.16. This adds an Reverb filter effect to the audio source you place the plugin on. It's applied to all audio sources in your scene, if placed on a non-AudioSource atom. A reverb effect fakes how sound is reflected and/or absorbed by the room around you. The plugin comes with a list of various presets like Livingroom, Concerthall, Cave, Forest, etc. You can use them as a starting point to tweak further. The main difference to @hazmhox's Reverb Zone plugin (included in his VAMAtmosphere package) is that my plugin also works with active Spatializer! Therefore it can help for example making a person speaking in your scene a tiny bit more believable. You can tweak all the values by hand, if you want. Also you don't need a CustomUnityAsset atom, which makes usage a bit easier.
    Major update for VirtualLock (part of Connect). Solving some old issues and allowing you better to define where the player is allowed to look at. You can now define a whole focus area, not just a single point. The reasoning here is that staring at a small point (e.g. the face of your mistress) for a couple of minutes in VR can cause your eyes to "defocus". You can actually loose the "3D" effect, despite being in VR. Allowing the player to look around a bit is essential.
    Just posted a guide on how you could use a Raspberry PI and a Relay board to switch devices like vibrators and E-Stim from VaM.
    Also philosophizing about the holy grail of VR adult software...detecting your real life (pre-)orgasms to trigger things in VaM.
    I'm currently working on adding the ability to my Life plugin to play voice audio files between breathing. It won't be optimal as an actual recorded voice with breathing, but you won't have to decide whether you want breathing or voice anymore. Medium term goal is to upgrade my "The Remote" scene with random playing voice lines. For that I obviously need a confident, dominant female voice.

    Do you know of any better AI voices out there? I have started a discussion thread here:

    (Voice in the video was generated with Elevenlabs)

    I'm about to switch my Patreon page to non-adult. That means I will be posting my usual irregular updates here on my Profile page instead, to avoid that limitation.

    Sadly you won't receive email notifications you would usually have receive when posting on Patreon anymore. Now you will only get this if I'm updating an already existing resource you watch. However, potentially helpful in this case is the Hubs "New profile posts" page, which you can limit to people you follow.
    You could also help push Meshed to implement notifications for profile posts and new resources of a creator you follow on the Hub:
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