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Life is a collection of plugins intended to essentially awake a character, let him/her come to life. Central part so far is the audio-synchronized breathing, which can be used to drive complex animations. The Version 13 update helps with making the Gaze plugin more compatible with AcidBubbles Glance plugin. I have also added a demo scene that shows how Glance and Gaze can be used together to make characters look around randomly. See video below. Obviously the goal here is to use this kind of plugin setup in my DoubleTrouble scene.

While this is intended as an all-in-one plugin collection in the long-run, we are not there, yet. However, Life is intended as a modular collection. E.g. you could use this for breathing, but use someone else's plugin for idle animation, etc. As long as different plugins do not control the same morphs or controls, this should work nicely. It's also possible for sub-plugins to communicate, e.g. to do something in sync with breathing.

DemoScene2.jpg overview_thrust_post.png Banner.jpg

  • 3 demo scenes included
  • 177 breathing/moaning audio files (nose-breathing, mouth-breathing, moaning)
  • 6 multi-breath orgasms (hard and soft)
  • 19 sound effects (slaps, lube, bed squeak)
  • Support for female and male characters, including futa, etc. Included sounds are female only, but there is a pitch slider that helps a bit.
  • Audio-synchronized breathing animation system, driven by a database of timing and meta data for each audio file.
  • Custom breathing morphs for chest, stomach, nose, mouth and lips animation.
  • Thrust sub-plugin to drive anything that accepts a float value. Like AnimationPatterns, VariableTriggers or Timeline. etc. All in perfect sync to breathing/moaning.
  • Thrust-Trigger sub-plugin to trigger arbitrary things matching the thrust animation. For example sound effects like fleshy slaps and bed squeaks as shown in the demo scene.
  • Fast loading due to using AssetBundles instead of individual audio files.
  • Ability to provide your own custom audio in form of your own AssetBundle.
  • Ability to provide your own driver sub-plugins. E.g. you could do custom animation, sound effects or control external devices (E-Stim, Strokers, Vibrators) in sync with breathing.
  • Connection options for LogicBricks and everything else that supports VaM's trigger system.
  • Standard gaze plugin. Rotating head by following player or eye target and various random idle head rotations
  • Simple closing/opening of eyes

Contains audio by VoiceLikeCandy, Bluzz44 and FreeSFX.co.uk, as well as some audio extracted from VaM. Contains morphs by DDQuidam and TimelordToby. Full credits see MacGruber_Life_Credits.txt inside VAR.​
Earlier versions, as shown in first video, used hair made by Roac.​
This was an EarlyAccess release! Download is now available for free under CC BY-SA license. PatreonBanner480.png
Total Size
29.45 MB
13 (free)
First release
Last update
4.95 star(s) 22 ratings

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    The Version 13 update helps with making the Gaze plugin more compatible with AcidBubbles Glance...
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Latest reviews

great plugin, easy to understand
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Super plugin, thanks a lot for making this.
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Great work, one suggestion though: the volume of mouth/nose sound is unbelievably low (even with the volume set to 100%). And there is no way to adjust the min. distance since the setting gets overridden constantly.
Yeah, audio volume is pretty weird in VaM. Apparently it depends a lot on which headset people use. Anyway, if the volume is too low, use the AudioAttenuation plugin that comes with Life. It's automatically added for like MacGruber_Life.cslist, otherwise you can also add it manually to the character. You can increase the volume in the settings of the plugin. (identical plugin is also part of Essentials)
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The Life plugin is one of the first plugins that I ever used, along with Gaze. Way before the .var file even exsisted. Thank you for this awesome plugin!
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Good night, when I put your mod to run on the error character, do you have to put it in a specific folder or can it be in the addon folder?
It's a normal VAR, don't unpack it, just put it in AddonPackages. It's easiest to install it via "Hub Browse" within VaM.
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I am an one week newbie here and my first rating goes to this incredible work.
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great plugin!! we are waiting for its development
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Very nice, thank you very much!
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Us mere mortals can only grovel at your feet. This is insane.
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One of the best plugins ever!
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