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  1. ReignMocap

    Paid Scenes SOFA PACK MOTION CAPTURE (4 animations) 2020-12-02

    We returned in force and created this animation pack. There are 4 animations with different behaviours and movements. There is little to no glitching. We are working next on a bed animation pack. Coming soon :) Enjoy.
  2. MK47

    Paid Scenes MK_47.Animation_Lapdance_A 2020-12-02

    This animation uses the look I created_ Nami. Set up youtube page, you can choose your favorite music. Preview
  3. wolverine333

    Scenes Maria 2.0 Realistic Solo Shower Scene With Fireworks 2.0.2

    Hello Everyone. Here she is Maria 2.0 . . I did a lot of tweaking to the light positions and color hue for a realistic feel. I hope you enjoy this scene. Again, still learning the basics to VaM having fun. - Note: If you play around with the Techno Ring light setting and adjust the range it can...
  4. MK47

    Scenes Animation_Fitness_movement_Lesson_two 2020-11-29

    Fitness part two, This animation uses the look I created_ Nami, and the hairpack. MK_47.LOOKS_Nami.1.var (paid) https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/mk_47-looks_nami.2598/ MK_47.Female_Hair_pack.1.var (free) https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/female-hair-pack.2425/ The part one is here (free)...
  5. wolverine333

    Scenes Maria 1.0

    This is my first post here so i apologize if there's any issues. I'm still learning VAM, i used various sources to create this and did a lot of modifications to the face using morphs etc. I'll be posting more content in the days to come. Cheers, Wolverine
  6. JoyBoy

    Scenes Quiet Shower 2020-11-29

    Quiet Shower. An animated scene creation by JoyBoy. Credit to ReignMocap for the idle shower mocap: Link Thanks to BlenderB_Rodriguez for the amazing Quiet's Cell from MGSV asset environment. (Below file is not a .var but is required) Quiet (Outfit) By rukk
  7. bamair1984

    Paid Looks (Look customization)Heydi is waiting for you at Berlin Airport..... 1.0

    She is from Germany and came here after Winter Fashion Week. She just got off the plane and plans to spend the weekend with you. She will not leave this time, she will always be with you... Hair: By NoStage3 "long wavy9" (All hairstyles are currently available...
  8. TacoCat

    Scenes Love Room [Free Stuff] [Scene+Asset] 1.0

    Hello. This is my favorite room from TK17. Try to port and some modify. Credits Some from cgtrader.com Water asset from from unknown VAM community hero. P.S. Screenshots taken with ReShade and RayTracing shader by PascalGlitcher (https://www.patreon.com/mcflypg)
  9. Transitions for new scene

    Transitions for new scene

    Preview of Transitions for new scene
  10. ReignMocap

    Paid Scenes CAPTURED - MOTION CAPTURE SCENE 2020-11-25

    So there is this scene in VAM (I forget the name) with a girl hanging. Well we made it better. Added two characters and anumation. Nuff said. Enjoy
  11. Itoa

    Paid Looks Andi 1

    Today is the day here we go! The first exclusive is out and dang did she get a reaction! She has built up a lot of interest so I hope she doesn't disappoint! Thanks for all the love so far and expect more to come! https://www.patreon.com/posts/44280231 Notes: - Hair is Raven Tuck from...
  12. CuteSvetlana

    Assets Precious Cargo SciFi Scene and Assets 1

    This scene and related assets are aimed at beginner and intermediate VaM users to show how you can build a nice environment. If you are interested in creating the scene, I am listing some reverse-engineering tips below. The scene is a combination of different assets and technics to provide a...
  13. VaMPos

    Paid Scenes Rope games 2020-11-24

    INSTRUCTION This scene contains two games. If you win each game, two women will do obscene acts on you. During the action, you can use the keyboard to control the kissing and touching actions that men perform on women. I especially spent time kissing anime. Important point ・To reset the scene...
  14. VaMPos

    Scenes Rope games free version 2020-11-24

    INSTRUCTION This is part of the paid scene.I had a hard time, so I decided to post only the game for free. This scene contains two games.Look is the same as the paid version. Important point ・To reset the scene, press "Start" several times to put the woman back in the initial position. ・After...
  15. ReignMocap

    Paid Scenes AROUND THE BED TEASE SCENE 2020-11-24

    This is a scene where you sit and bed and have your beauty of choice tease you around the bed. You can see my model lose balance for a bit. We thought it's funny and realistic so we left it in. Enjoy
  16. bamair1984

    Paid Scenes Are you ready? Special service...... 1.0

    Watch the show : https://patreon.com/posts/44219557 The Model : Stacy https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/look-customization-stacy.2761/ Scripts: By VAMDeluxe "Dollmaster" By lfe "Vibrator Plugin" By VeeRifter...
  17. ReignMocap

    Scenes Free ''Idle'' animation for models,clothes and shoes visualisation 2020-11-23

    While we are making the soon to be release ''Girlfriend Experience Pack'' we figured we make an idle animation for everyone. There are never enough animations for observing your model, clothes and shoes. I messed up and made the license ''PC''. I am to lazy to change it. Don't worry you can use...
  18. TGC

    Scenes Private Chat 2020-11-22

    In addition to all the dependencies you will need following 2 items: Calf Height Boots from Jakuubz and Majora Puffy Morphs from Skybox Both are free available on their patreons Also you will need these hot penis textures from Jackaroo (They are not showing up for download in dependencies tab)...
  19. ReignMocap

    Paid Scenes Really Drunk Girl Scene 2020-11-19

    We've all seen this girl. The ones that go to parties anyway lol amirite? This was a request. We don't usually do request because we are a-holes but this was funny enough to make us want to do it. Enjoy
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