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  • Imgur randomly decided they were not going to host porn at all any more after a decade plus of it being okay. All of the images on my posts are hosted on imgur externally, so I have to manually replace all of the photos and rehost them directly on the hub. I have to wait for 1 photo to upload at a time so it takes forever to do. I'm working my way backwards as I feel my more recent content is more deserving.
    Decided to go for a comission for a model crush of mine. Now I understand why Pog is regarded as the best model creator here! The model was top notch, the delivery was timely and the communication was perfect. Pog was involved and responded to the tiniest requirement I had. 11/10! Will repeat!
    Asked Pogdaddy for a commission I don't think any one else could have come close to pulling off, and damn what a fantastic job, is exactly what I wanted. Absolute pleasure to work with, was easy to request changes and always happy to make adjustments; thank you so much :)
    Is access to your content still gated by a 3rd party? There's no indication of it on your posts or patreon page as a potential subscriber.
    Do you mean access to content only through my Discord? This has been changed and Discord is no longer required. You should get a download link to google drive with all access after subscribing to the appropriate tier. Apologies if you mean something else!
    Great commission experience with Pogdaddy. I had a look that was using low quality reference material and didn't have too high of expectations. Pogdaddy said he would give it his best shot though and I agreed.

    Well, in only a few days, the first round was back and it was great! Better than I expected by far. I was able to find some better reference material, went through another revision and I'm very happy with the final product.

    Working with Pogdaddy was easy, he's super friendly and I highly recommend his services!
    I chose pogdaddy to do my first VAM commission, and wow was I impressed! Like the the user before me, my look was pretty different from their usual work. Pog nailed it though!

    If you're looking for someone to do a commission for you, look no further than Pogdaddy! Not only are they an extremely talented artist, but the turnaround time was fast. They are also very friendly and responsive.

    Thanks again Pogdaddy!
    Trust in pog will deliver satisfaction and works with you to meet expectations would recommend to anyone looking for custom look
    Recently went to Pogdaddy for a commission of a well-known IRL female. Although I hesitated a bit because her look is substantially different from his mainline work product, I went ahead based on how quickly he got back to me and the ease of the process. In < 24 hours he was finished and had absolutely nailed it (after one quick back-and-forth tweak I requested).

    He is extremely responsive, genuinely wants to get all the detail just right, and both very fast and easy to work with. I really don't think you could ask for more -- I feel extremely confident recommending him --you will get exactly what you are looking for and at a very fair price (even seems like a steal once you get your model delivered, awesome value). I intend to work with him again on at least two more commissions, and I'm not even going to bother considering another artist, that's how completely satisfied I am with the result. Thanks Pog!
    Recently asked for a commission from Pog. You really get a bang for your buck (yes pun intended). But seriously, for 40 bucks I would say its super worth it considering the quality, care as well as seamless communication. Also he is super fast , and your commission will be done in about a day. What I like about pog is that he will continuously communicate with you to create the model of your dreams, and he is super friendly and chill. Honestly, was looking for a budget commission, but trust me this is not only budget but top tier quality!
    pogdaddy is the true pogdaddy

    I've been looking around the virtamate forums for a while trying to find the best artist that offers commissions at a fair price. I've been hit with $500 to $2,000 commission quotes before and thought that was the normal. When I hired pogdaddy, I genuinely thought it was just going to be a mid-tier 3d model that I can squint my eyes to in order to finish god's plan. HOWEVER, he provided a top tier 10/10 model of my desired character and finished it in one day. I'm not saying that's the turn around for everyone else, but that was fast as fuck. For $40, I got a top tier model in one day. No hassle dealing with arrogant cunts, pogdaddy's friendly atmosphere made me feel welcomed

    Top tier contributor, top tier work, top tier pogdaddy
    I cannot recommend this enough; the value is just insanity! It's a monthly thing for me at this point. This creator will work very hard for you to make sure it's something that you are happy with. The Daddy of POG also delivers more than just those soft voluptuous thicc queens that he is famous for, because he is a fan and admirer of all shapes and sizes and makes them with tremendous mouth-watering quality! So dig in and be happy ;)

    Thanks again for all the amazing work you do! Your good people.
    If you got some irl person to make as a Look, try this guy.

    Actually I was worried for the commission because it seems like he is an expert for Western look and thicc ones.
    But it turns out, he just "likes more" for those styles, and it doesn't mean he can't do Asian look or slender look.

    I requested some Korean celebs.
    And this one came great.

    Also, he can do accurate and fast work.

    Actually, I think I might have been annoying cuz I requested some more fixes after the initial draft - since it was my first commission request to him.
    But he is professional to take those nicely lol.

    Can't wait to request other Look soon.

    Also I can't wait to request him the Western Looks as well xD
    Big shout out to JoyBoy for being a mentor to me in entering the VaM space! He has been super helpful in so many ways and I can't thank him enough for the time and effort he has shown me. Everyone please check him out and support him on his patreon.
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