Scenes DoubleTrouble 2 (free)

You signed up for a sperm donation, but you did not read the fine-print. Now you are in a dungeon, restrained to a chair and two beautiful nurses just keep milking you...for hours?

The power of random combinations...not knowing what will happen next. This is the main idea behind using multiple animation layers acting independently at random. If each layer has a number of variations, the number of possible combinations basically explode. Linear animation is what you see in most scenes these days, because it's easy to do. While looking nice when done properly, it is more like a video. It will be boring after playing the scene once or twice, because you know what will happen next. However, not knowing exactly what will happen brings a scene to to life, because that's how it would be with real people. Especially true in a POV bondage scene like this one.

(Watch trailer with sound!)

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  • 41 LogicBricks, 10 IdlePosers
  • 262 states and control points
  • 384 layered animations
  • 713 trigger connections
  • 6 main poses, countless possible random variations
  • Custom scene setup UI for quick&easy setup of possession through ImprovedPoV/Passenger plugins. Also exposes separate volume sliders for breathing, effects and music.
  • Works in Desktop mode, but intended for VR with possession of the male character.

  • All the needed dependencies can be found for free on the Hub, just use VaM's handy "Scan Hub For Missing Packages" function.

Tools (not referenced)

Known issues
  • The girl walking back from the tilt-down position to regular can occasionally cause body and feet animations to de-sync. My assumption is that the animation can be triggered during a state transition somehow. This causes the girl to lean to the side weirdly while walking. However, this "fixes" itself upon reaching the end position.

Can I exchange the looks?
  • The scene was intentionally build with almost default woman characters to make it as compatible as possible. When you change too much animations will no longer align properly.
  • Careful to keep the physics/collision settings of the characters themselves as well as the control nodes. Animations might no longer align.
  • Advanced Colliders and Soft Body Physics are turned off for all 3 characters, so the scene has a chance of running smoothly on "normal CPUs".
  • Skin, face and breast of the woman can be changed, within reason.
  • Clothing can be changed (or removed) as well, as long as the clothing is similarly tight. You can try clothing sim, but it might cause artifacts due to morph animation (e.g. chest).
  • Hair can be changed, but keep in mind that characters lean forward in various poses. Most hairstyles can't handle that nicely.
  • Changing anything on the male character besides face/hair will likely break things.

  • This was an EarlyAccess release! Download is now available for free under CC BY-SA license. You are allowed to reference this package in your own VAR packages, even if they are paid or use a different license. Links to my Patreon are always appreciated.
  • Beware of some browsers mistakenly renaming .var files to .zip when downloading from Patreon. More details on how to install VaM content and missing dependencies here.
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    Version 2 is now free!
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    Changelog (since Beta release) Fixed numerous animation/logic glitches. Added additional...

Latest reviews

Looks very nice!
It's a bit boring though, alot of repetitive slow actions (would be nice to select what actions to do)
Also would be nice to be able to tweak the scene a bit.
This is what VAM is all about. Incredible work MacGruber, just incredible!
Only complaint is that in like 10 minutes i got 2 positions (leaned back and normal) and the same things happened all over again. I would also love the use of some more toys, as the only 2 i saw so far were the fleshlight and the spank thing
I think there is a misunderstanding what "positions" means: In both "normal" and "leaned back" there are each 2 handjobs, one by each of the girls. Then there are the two toys (fleshlight + riding crop). That's how I get to "6 main poses". Adding more is not a technical problem, though, after having figured how just a scene would need to be organized. Still, too time consuming for me to actually do it.
You’re the best. Thanks
With your plugins there is so much possible. I'm working on a similary complex scene with your plugin stuff. Can't wait to share first results too. :D
Thats addictive.
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