1. Haliwod

    Assets Spidey paperbag mask 1

    A port of a nice mask model from Stetchfab. Model made by Venom1462 who was nice enough to give permission for texture alteration. For non-commercial use only.
  2. TacoCat

    Paid Assets Flying Islands 1

    Hello. This is a scene of islands flying in the sky. The scene is modular and consists of 11 parts. Two prepared scenes included. Day and night. Some screenshots:
  3. Sharr

    Paid Looks Aayla Secura 2022-04-28

    Here is my 2nd Twi'lek, in the style of Aayla Secura. scene contains: - Lekku with armature pose it with the IKCUA plugin by @imakeboobies : (its a dependency) - Environment assetbundle (furnished and un-furnished...
  4. VaM_LO

    Assets [Assets] Glasses 1 2022-04-16

    This time I made glasses for the first time in a long time. Three different versions of colors are available. This data is an asset bundle, so add a CustomUnityAsset to your scene just like adding people or things, and select my glasses there.
  5. Sharr

    Paid Looks Darth Talon 2022-04-12

    Here is my Darth Talon. The Lekku on her head has armature, meaning you can pose it with the IKCUA plugin by @imakeboobies : (its a dependency) The lightsaber used in the scene is by @hazmhox ...
  6. Sharr

    Paid Looks Moon Mistress 2022-03-29

    Here is my Moon Mistress furry look. Comes in both a female and futa variant. There are no clothes but 3 assets part of an asset bundle. Assets are: - Gem (forehead) - Enchantment (floating object) - Tail (straight and curved variant) The tail has bones, making it possible to pose them and...
  7. SCAMP

    Assets Kitchen Table and Chair 2.0

    Prepare for a great time! The best furniture for sex ever, the kitchen table is here! OK so I was searching the hub for a kitchen table and really found none which surprised me, cause having sex on the kitchen table is a goodamn classic. I remember when me and my wife were playing monopoly and...
  8. hazmhox

    Assets Icicles 101 1

    A library of customizable chilling assets including rocks, spikes, snow rocks, ice dildos and snow VFX (particles). How to use Download the file. Download HZMDemos. Open the demos from HZMDemos in the folder named Icicles101. OR Create a new scene. Add Custom Unity Assets to your scene...
  9. TacoCat

    Paid Assets Quarry 1.0

    Small quarry environment.
  10. TacoCat

    Paid Assets MHouse 1.0

    Hello. This is new home interior. Hall, living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Colliders and bake in stock =) Have fun)
  11. Mofme

    Assets BDSM Frame 2

    ♥ Description and how to use It's a modular BDSM frame asset using custom mesh and textures. The frame comes with several bits and pieces allowing you to customize it to your needs. For an easier setup I included 4 poses and 4 SubScenes. ♥License and usage in the paid addons Free addons...
  12. Sharr

    Paid Clothing Pink Knight 2022-02-08

    Here she comes with her less than subtle armor! Her helmet comes both as an asset and clothing piece and there is a hairstyle that fits underneath the helmet. Furthermore made 2 swords, one of gold and the other pink.
  13. Sharr

    Paid Looks Demona 1

    Here is a commission of the character Demona from the tv show Gargoyles. Included are her: - Ragged top and skirt - Clothing skirt with and without the belt - Belt asset (to keep the belt from distorting when on a heavily morphed body) - Assets: Tiara, armband, earrings, belt, and wings
  14. VRDollz

    Assets Emissive Pink Rose 1

    Happy New Year! This is my first go at importing an asset for use in VAM, I really enjoyed making it, I hope you like it💐 THE ASSETBUNDLE 2x Large Pink Rose Assets Emissive Rose - Make it glow when using PostMagic by MacGruber PERMISSON: You can link to VAR file even commercially, but cant...
  15. OBO

    Assets Jade Platform 1

    A Jade Platform.You can use it to show looks.Have fun. There's a 4K version with more details, but it's a paid version.: Jade Platform 4k 1
  16. Sharr

    Paid Looks Kindred (with & without futa) 2021-12-08

  17. TacoCat

    Assets Sword and Rapier 1.0

    Sword and Rapier Some playing with particle system. Credits: Sketchfab -
  18. TacoCat

    Assets Kriss and Barret 1.0

    Kriss Vector and Barret models. Credits: Kriss Vector - Barret -
  19. TacoCat

    Assets Mazda MX-5 1.0

    Baked car model and exterior with collusions. Exterior have realtime reflection probe. Enable it in game settings and reload exterior CUA: Screenshots: Credits: Car -
  20. TacoCat

    Assets Attic 1.0

    Hello there! After a long absence, I took up my hobby again. Small attic environment with full bake. Some models by Skatchfab.
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