1. Tanklover

    Looks Jassica Rabbit 1.0

    Hello everyone. Time to release another port. This time its Jessica Rabbit from the Sfmlab website. I started this a few months ago but forgot to finish it. She comes with Her Dress and gloves. The heels and stockings are default Vam Items. Stay safe everyone and enjoy.
  2. SolidVault

    Looks Lara Croft ROTR SFM 2

    Here she is! Gamings best babe is here! After many requests for this version i have finally decided to release her to the public. Enjoy her as i enjoyed porting her ;) Credits: @JoyBoy for his amazing Lara Croft Hair SmugBastard and Red Menace for their insanely good SFM models, more to come...
  3. SolidVault

    Looks Red Dead Redemption 2 Ladies 2021-05-20

    Here you go, Sadie Adler and Mary Linton From RDR 2!! Ready to give those Cowgirls a ride?
  4. Acid Bubbles

    Plugins Timeline v5.1.1

    Timeline An animation timeline with keyframe and controllable curves. Inspired by Source FilmMaker, Blender and other animation software. There is actual documentation! Check out the wiki for instructions and demonstration videos. Requires Virt-A-Mate 1.20.77 or more recent!
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