Plugins Timeline v5.1.1

- Show sequencing info in Animations tab
- Fix missing animation set when creating anim with carry settings
- Fix "Crop/Extend at (begin)" keeping the very first frame (this was by design but is unintuitive)
- Fix split at scrubber not populating the second animation with the remainder triggers
- Fix restore min/max range not working for morphs
- Fix increase range behavior on morphs using "10x" instead of "Increase"
- Fix import mocap resize toggle ignored
- Motion capture import now uses 1000fps and has a slightly simpler implementation (hopefully will work better)
- Timeline will not save and restore the float params range along with the scene
- Backward compatibility fix; setting Animation while stopped did not use the value when using Play
- Reduce 3D curve memory usage and avoid collisions in some cases
- Bring back support for VaM 1.19
- Fix major issue, play triggers with preserve loops resulted in blending never finishing
- Show blend value in Animations screen
- Stop with blending in Animations screen
- Correctly refresh float params in Targets screen when switching animations
- Option to "force blend time" (Timeline 4 blending behavior, it will always blend for the blend in duration, when partially blended blend speed will be slower)
- Correctly increment animation numbers after 19
- Do not apply pose when recording
- Improve performance and memory of in-game 3d curve preview
- Fix physics glitch when selecting a target
- Fix multiple sequencing when starting clip from trigger leading to an incoherent state
- Log time now counts seconds from animation start time
This version improves mocap capabilities, it also contains a lot of user interface improvements and a few major features like transition fade, built-in pose support and much more. The release notes are quite long, here's a quick overview of the main ones:
  • Zoom animations
  • Collapsible dope sheet groups
  • Leap Motion fingers recording
  • High resolution mocap recording
  • Reposition animations
  • Per-animation poses
  • Fade transitions
  • Split, merge and better add animations
  • Cross-layer animation sets sync
  • Keybindings improvements
  • Diagnostics tools
  • Improved keyframe reduction
  • Way more...
This was a huge undertaking, and again thank you to everyone who took the time to not only report problems and share ideas, but take the time to help me understand fairly complex issues (Spacedog and Hazmhox gave quite big chunks of their time to help me through particularly hard problems, and a lot more of you were nice and patient as I walked through hundreds of comments, issues, suggestions, and feedback, even though it might take some time!)

Detailed Timeline 5 Release Notes

Improved UI: Zoom & Full-height curves and more improvements

  • Pan & zoom your animation so you can work on longer and more detailed animations
  • The dope sheet now uses much more vertical space
  • Collapse target groups in dope sheet (selected targets will stay visible)
  • The curve view can now be toggle swapped with the dope sheet
  • Separate float params by storable (e.g. morphs and fingers shown separately)
  • Open popups near the bottom of the screen upwards so they are actually usable
  • Strip "plugin" prefix in dope sheet storables headers
Improved Mocap: High resolution recording, fingers recording and more features
  • Record Leap Motion fingers animations
  • Record mocap animations directly in Timeline
  • Playback in real time instead of game time, for e.g. music sync
  • High resolution recording (up to 1000 fps), UI will support it
  • Record morphs and float params
  • Configurable timer before starting recording
  • Ability to animate a control based on the camera raycast (projected on where you're looking in real time, e.g. to animate depth of field's AutoFocusPoint using MacGruber's PostMagic)
  • Infinite record (auto-expands recording), at least until you run out of memory
  • During recording, show the current recording time
  • Show start markers during recording (same as VaM's)
  • When recording, optionally switch all atoms to real time for reliable timing
  • Reposition full animations (so you can mocap things, align them, sequence them and blend them)
Per-animation pose
  • Per-animation poses can be used to quickly move from a clip to another without physics wobbling into position, and you can also optionally use this to completely replace pose triggers, allowing you to create animations with different settings and pose within the same scene
  • When adding a new controller target, every animation that has a pose will default to the pose's position and rotation
  • Copy and paste poses between clips
  • Poses can be configured for root control, morphs and/or bones/controls
  • Pose can optionally use merge load
  • Automatically waits for physics to settle after loading a pose to avoid breaking colliders
Much improved keyframe reduction
  • Detects flat areas such as feet on the ground
  • Backup and restore animation
  • Staged keyframe removal
  • Improved algorithm
  • Works for float params and for controllers
Adding animations
  • Split animations at scrubber position and merge animations https://imgur.com/laB1N8w
  • Ability to create new animations with or without carrying the previous animation settings https://imgur.com/TQahOEO
  • When creating animation, you can now name them, decide where they should be inserted (first, previous, next or last in layer) and whether to create them in other atoms (they should be inserted in the correct spot)
Animation sets
  • Animation sets, allows syncing animations on multiple layers, so when any layer enter the sets, all other layers will also transition; this will also make scrubbing work on specific animations of other layers rather than always using the first animation.
  • Randomizing animations over multiple layers when they share the same name will now randomize evenly on all layers
  • Configure the probability of animations within a randomized group
Keybindings integration
  • Lock and unlock Timeline
  • Navigation animations in the main layer
  • Navigation animations in the current layer
  • Navigate layers
  • Set curve type to smooth (local/global), linear or flat
Hazmhox VAMOverlays integration
  • hazmhox's VAMOverlay integration (automatic transition fade, also used for improved mocap record counter)
  • Diagnostics: Find all instances of Timeline quickly in your scene and detect hard-to-guess problems automatically, like mismatched preserve loop or speeds https://imgur.com/ktozNPq
  • Logging: Show exactly what is happening in your scene
  • Add targets by highlighting them in the scene instead of using the drop down
  • Keyframe all float params (all or selected) at once in advanced keyframe tools
  • You can now toggle the first keyframe to apply it (e.g. to persist something after loading a pose or when using Comply)
  • New trigger to navigate animations on the first layer (next/previous)
  • Greatly reduce the cost of the in-game curve previews and make them lighter
  • Lock the plugin UI when the Atom or the plugin is disabled
  • Change the behavior of the Animations storable to reset to empty (so it can be called again) and to actually switch the current animation
  • Various performance, stability and quality of life enhancements
Full resolution for some of the videos: https://mega.nz/folder/moQ0jRDY#hBO4QSt1TeujYEUYDTw1Aw
- Fix trigger timers not working (thanks @VeeRifter)
- Fix "Keyframe all selected at once" not working
- Reset animation options when resetting Timeline instead of only clearing the animation themselves
- Show an error message when loading a Timeline 5 animation that uses clip poses
- Fix NaN crash when using a blend in time of zero
- Fix incorrect adjustment of non-looping play next in when blend in is changed
- Automatically reduce non-looping animation length in transitions to include next blend
- Assign a correct default "play next in" that doesn't reduce the current animation's blend in time for non-looping clips
- When loading and the security panel is open, wait for a selection to be made before refreshing triggers (fixes triggers)
- Correctly handle looping and non-looping clamping on reverse speed (loops in reverse)
- Reverse speed still blends in (fixed reverse speed preventing playback)
- When launching an animation with a zero-sum speed (including due to blending), use the last playing animation's speed
- Backport time mode (realtime v.s. gametime) from Timeline 5 (not selectable)
- Sync with peers should be one by default for new Timeline instances
- Keybinding open UI should do nothing if the UI is already open
- Keybindings: Switch to Edit mode when opening the UI
- Keybindings: StopAllSceneAnimations command
- Smooth (Local) curves now weighted against duration (less overshooting)
- Sync subscene only feature (more, options)
- Disable sync with peers in options (more, options)
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