Love This plugin, its gamechanging. Would it be possible to add an option to switch bools? like to make some clothes undress, to check or uncheck detach. At the moment i do it with an animationpattern, but it would be way more compfi if i could do this right in the plugin.
@Mopze I knoooow I'm hopefully waiting for Meshed to provide some way to invoke the triggers UI (crossed fingers) but I'll probably try and provide a built-in solution, as this is by far the most crucial missing feature!
Acid Bubbles updated Timeline with a new update entry:

Timeline v2.1.0

- Improved mocap import (closer to the original animation but longer to generate, snap to specific times, also check rotation)
- Keyframe reduction for float params (e.g. for LFE's face mocap)
- Greatly reduce the amount of time to process modifications on large animations (by an exponential factor)
- Make the reduce technique configurable
- Fix dope sheet not resizing after animation length change

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Just out of curiosity @Acid Bubbles , you know if it would be possible to use the last version and get the animations saved with an old release of the plugin ? I'm trying to finish my scene started like... forever ago. And I was using the old version of the plugin not packed as a var... that would be really cool if I could convert it to tweak it a bit with your new release.

( I'd also prefer to release something with up to date resources )
All my plugins are always fully backward compatible, so no problem! You can edit the json directly, or delete the old version of time-line, rescan add-on folder and open the scene. It'll force upgrade and you can then save again.
Yeap indeed ! I think I made an error when pasting the initial path of the plugin, I just successfully changed the plugin to the last version.
I didn't know about the automated conversion if the old version is gone, I'm gonna try that to see if it works better.
Thank you very much !
Acid Bubbles updated Timeline with a new update entry:

Timeline v2.2.0

- Go to Edit after creating a new animation
- Disable keyframe toggles on first/last frame
- Group cut/copy/paste to gain curve space
- Toggle for more options in target frames (increase range, decrease range, default values, go to controller)
- Slightly better bounce curve
- Always show curves when there's only one target
- Import overwrites animations if they are empty, or create a new one in case of conflict

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Acid Bubbles updated Timeline with a new update entry:

Timeline v2.2.2

- Allow ignoring restore errors in controller atoms (e.g. when merge loading scenes when only some atoms are actually animated) - this is temporary
- Fix scrubber text showing old values
- Reduce text update rate (slight perf improvement)
- Add transition button (automatic creation of transition animations)
- Shortcuts between sequence, add and edit animation screens
- Allow toggle off on bogus transition scenes (from legacy versions)
- Auto-select control when it's the only controller...

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Ok, this looks super impressive. Im curious, can you animate the animation duration? eg make it speed up/slow down over time?
Been playing with this a while. Very good work! Im someone with a background in 3d animation ( mostly in videogames ) so this is a welcome way to animate in VaM.

A couple of things:-
  • Changing an animations name seems to cause problems. It doesn't update the anim name in the drop down list. If I reorder the animations, this fixes the names.
  • When sequencing the animations and choosing either random or a group ( eg anim/* ) it would be great if it could choose the same animation again. As it stands, if I want to randomly choose between just two anims, it will only ever play them one after the other. I have to add a third for it to be random, but even then it will never play the same anim twice in a row. Be nice to allow for this as an option.
I appreciate this is a WIP - but figured you are open to feedback? :)
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Thank you, I do appreciate feedback! And for the bug I'm aware, usually I try to fix it immediately but I may be unable to work on this for a few days, sorry! But I definitely will fix this. Thanks for the suggestion to, I'll consider it!
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