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  • New voice : Yumi. A gorgeous japanese girl that loves... well, she loves everything.
    Just like Lise, the quality is pretty nice, but there are less variations than Seth, Isabella, or Lillian. Now you got something for your JAV animation needs ;)
    Thanks again @ReignMocap for kindly sharing his personal audio source made by a voice actress.
  • New voice : Lise. A gentle but naughty french girl.
    The quality is pretty nice, but there are less variations than Seth, Isabella, or Lillian. That said, the voice is pretty cool ! You can thank (again) @ReignMocap for kindly sharing his personal audio source made by a voice actress.
  • Voice update : Lana. Updated the export and several samples for the voice. This one is still in its early access version.

‼I'm looking for another male voice at least to improve the content available for the LGBT+ community of VaM. If anybody can provide a nice male voice with several variations, don't hesitate to contact me.
Thanks to an awesome idea of @lapiroman , here is a new feature for VAMM : Randomized moan playback.

This feature will allow you to control going to breathing, lower or higher intensities from times to times. Just check the box to enable it, setup your options and you're good to go.

You can find a more in depth look at the feature in the documentation.

This feature will most certainly be updated with a few additional options to improve the behavior and make it even more interesting.

That said, after a bunch of tests, this is already awesome to introduce even more variations and realism to the character's moans.
  • Fixed Allow orgasm checkbox not preventing orgasm when unchecked.
  • Fixed Ella being locked into a single sample after intensity 2 in interactive mode.
  • Fixed Freeze Motion/Sound checkbox not taken in account. Sound and morphs will now be paused properly. (Thank you @MerGe for the report)
  • Optimized audio files, new ogg export and profile. Around 15% size gain with almost no audio quality loss.
  • Changed some popups to scrollable popups.
  • Added three JSONStorableFloats to allow variable reading from external scripts : VAMM CurrentArousal, VAMM TriggerCount, VAMM MaxTriggerCount.
  • New feature (thanks to @vikmos) : Arousal rate in interactive mode. Will allow you to control how much points of arousal per interaction is gained. Useful if you want to simulate situations where the girl is more or less sensitive.
  • New feature (thanks to @vikmos) : Trigger on orgasm end. Will allow you to setup a trigger after the whole orgasm audio cue has been played.
  • New early access voice : Lana. This is an early version of Lana, a new female voice. Intensity 0 to 3 are available and 3 orgasms. You can thank @ReignMocap for kindly sharing his personal audio source made by a voice actress.

⚠ Warning, breaking change : AFX Removed.

Due to the way Unity behaves with reverb there is a major bug with the way AFX was implemented at first. It is perfect for really short reverbs or effects, but as soon as long effects occurs, those effects will stop abruptly when the sound ends.

I have decided to remove the AFX extension from the plugin and invite you to use VAMAtmosphere instead which will fix this problem with reverb volumes.

For older scenes using the AFX extension, you will be forced to either : keep a previous version of VAMM or simply update it with VAMAtmosphere.
  • Added triggers for the interactive mode
  • Added breathing animation for the orgasm ( might need some tweaks an improvements, it is a bit slow at the moment )

Notes concerning the interactive mode and triggers:
As mentionned in the release, interactive mode is not my main focus. So some things might change or evolve in the future.

The triggers are really complex for the interactive mode since the character always oscillate between the current intensity (at the lowest 1) and intensity 0.

Which means, depending on how the player is interacting with the girl, if you set triggers on each intensities and intensity lowered / increased... you have to keep in mind that they may be triggered really often. Especially the lowered / increased triggers.

You'll have to test it by yourself, but besides the orgasm which is a really specific state... you might want to keep the complex trigger setups for the manual mode.

But who knows! maybe someone will find a great way to use them in interactive mode.
New voices! Which brings the plugin to 6 voices in total, 5 female voices and 1 male.
  • Ella is finally finished with all the variations. Only three intensities, 0, 1 and 2.
  • New voice : Lillian. Voiced by angel freakly, also know as @SpiltSugar on the hub. Awesome voice with cool variations like tiny laughs and short words.
Next update I'll focus on the trigger issue for the interactive mode.
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