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  • We have a new female character: Emma. Thanks to @TGC.
    TGC has done an incredible job and sent me a pretty much plug-n-play package of the character. I can't thank you enough for that kind of dedication! <3
  • Updated the squishes system to work with male / Futa characters.

    Since the squishes system is initially based on female characters, the default delay might be a little low. I find it almost perfect betwen 0.20 and 0.25.

    Don't forget to also tweak the volume and reverb mix. You can find a demo called VAMM-Boobjob-demo-01 in HZMDemos which is a perfect example for that.

    Reminder : The collision system for the male is different than the female character. And a simple contact will make the arousal value go up by itself (or trigger the sounds). I might update the system at some point to allow control / pause of the arousal in interactive mode. For the sounds, you already have a trigger allowing you to pause or unpause the sounds.

⚠ Don't forget to read "Updating VAMMoan" in the documentation if you have any trouble updating before asking for support.
  • Fixed the male arousal rate that was way too high/fast due to the trigger system. I had noticed the bug recently, but thanks to @WanderingWomble who took the time to report the problem.

    The arousal is now extremely close to the female arousal speed and should not produce orgasm after half a second of grinding.

    If you were using the interactive system already for males/futa characters, you will have to correct the values in the interactive options to go back to more normal values. Putting it to default should work most of the time.

⚠ Don't forget to read "Updating VAMMoan" in the documentation if you have any trouble updating before asking for support.
  • Edited a few descriptions
  • Improved randomization by changing the seed dynamically every 10secs
  • Added a new voice intensity "Perpetual Orgasm"

About Perpetual Orgasm

You will find a new
description line in the character.
The value is either yes or no.

If the value is yes, it means that there are specific voice sample for the perpetual orgasm. Which are generally at a higher peak than intensity 4, or at least a bit more fast paced.

If the value is no, it does not mean the intensity will not work. It will simply use samples of the lowest intensity. Which means you can still use it when you swap voices in the settings... but it is highly recommended to use a voice that has the value to yes if you plan on using the perpetual orgasm.

The perpetual orgasm works like intensity 0 to 4 and is a looping state. You can leave it on forever and swap back to any other state at will.

The characters with perpetual orgasm enabled are : Abby, Claire, Isabella, Lise, Seth, Skye, Yumi.

⚠ Don't forget to read "Updating VAMMoan" in the documentation if you have any trouble updating before asking for support.
  • Updated some texts in the help box
  • Added a new way to handle intensities while the orgasm is happening (manual mode only) :

    You can now plan ahead a new intensity when a character is in orgasm state. By default the character will still fallback on intensity 0. But you can now override it by simply using the "Voice intensity X" or "Voice orgasm".
    Which means you can make a character orgasm then go back to 3, then orgasm, then go back to 4... whatever you want.

    Which also means as the initial request was made by @Bob Nothing, you can loop over and over again on the orgasm if you want.
    You can check the next planned intensity in the state box in the left column.
  • Added a new section in the documentation "Updating VAMMoan" meant to help you choosing the best update method for your needs
  • Fixed an incorrect behavior during the loading process that was fixed in v12 and removed due to code branches mixup. This fix allows proper loading of presets now. Thanks to @venkman for the report

Notes : This update has been tested extensively with the preset system. You can load VAMMoan presets with triggers and all the options configured properly. Keep in mind that triggers will only work between characters if you have the exact same names (in the atom name) BEFORE you load the preset.

VAMMoan is always tested with two different versions of VaM before uploading the var file. Besides eventual feature glitches, the plugin is always working with several scenes and demos of mine when it is released. If you have any trouble updating, please refer to the documentation Updating VAMMoan, before posting in the discussion.

If after checking the update section of the documentation, you still have issues updating the plugin. Please post a detailled bug report with screenshots, videos or error messages.
  • Tweaked some aspects of the UI
  • Added a new spatialization section with min/max distance options. poke @WeebUVR
NOTE : Unless you really grasp the concepts of spatialization, min and max distance with the audio sources, I would recommend to leave default values.
  • Fixed a bug where the blowjob option wasn't working on scene load with male characters.
  • Big update for LGBT+ and Futa lovers : updated the arousal system to handle male characters. You can now use the interactive system with male characters or futa characters. The arousal works with the penis AND the anus.
    A few things to mention :
    • The collision is handled differently than the female characters ( a real collision and not a trigger) and is a bit more sensitive. You should tweak your arousal options depending on your needs.
    • There is no specific trigger settings or options for the anal trigger at the moment, but this is something I'm thinking to implement to compensate the fact that there is not anal trigger in the vanilla triggers tab of the male characters in VaM
    • This is a first version. Improvements and tweaks will come in the future.

HZMDemos have not been updated with VAMM 1.14, it will be updated at the next big change (new demos or scenes).
  • New Squishes feature. Adds touch / rub / penetration sound fx when interacting with the labias of a female character (obviously only works with female characters). Works perfectly hand to hand with the pelvic slap.
  • New Blowjob feature. Adds sucking / licking sound fx when putting something in the mouth of a character (male and female).
    IMPORTANT : The implementation of this new way of handling blowjob sounds resulted in the removal of the old "looping" feature of the blowjob. If you want to keep the old feature, you will have to stay on an older version of VAMMoan and mention to your players that it is important they have the exact version for your scene and not only the latest one.

  • New triggers for interactive mode : Update arousal value and Trigger arousal interaction. These triggers are meant to update the current arousal value and/or simulate an interaction with the character. These can be used to add additional reaction for a female character when interacting with... well whatever.
  • Updated the pelvic slap with some randomization on the pitch.
  • Optimized several minor aspects of the code.

All these big changes and features have been thoroughly documented in the release description of the plugin here.
You can also find new demos dedicated to each one of them in HZMDemos.
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