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The Fuck Awakens: (Professionally Voiced) + VH34 Multiverse

Scenes The Fuck Awakens: (Professionally Voiced) + VH34 Multiverse 2.3

new "Dye Fighter" environment
mish animation updated with better-synced 'impacts' and legs up randomization
bugfix: several animations were missing sex sounds impacts, updated them
v19 of the player improves the latest 'anger management' of the Dark Dominatrix release, making angry moods look more furious and less 'sad'
Improved Ride Animation
Improved Handjob lighting across the board
New sex type handjob-mouthful allows her to jerk you into her mouth and make blowjob noises and still grip with her hands and say handjob-related lines too.
improvement to expression system : sex intensity now only affects non-smile morphs such as sucking or wincing in pleasure
bugfix: whoops, stand one animation button was missing, added back in
bugfix: internal vh34 expression handling has been improved, and for mean/disinterested she actually becomes kinda mean instead of neutral
improved lighting for stand 1 animation + working in a lotion bottle
clothes ui is now toggable to simplify the experience for new users
new sex morph possibilites due to several new randomized expressions
skin microdetail plugin (Thanks!)
updates to the WIP taboo flying cars environment
reduced self-shadowing via plugin
a few additional animation tweaks
desert environment fixes
v19 of the player removes the legacy cycleforce dropdown
environments are now hideable in the UI
Major Update 2.2: Natural Expressions, 'Global' Outfits, Animations, more props, improved smart-interruptions BJ, natural state transitions while UI is hidden


improved and more natural expression scripting for randomized expressions
tease 1 animation now teases you a bit and switches dialogue modes between jerking
improved mish 1 animation with multiple states
much nicer on-knees bj animation,
improved standing bj animation
improved the wip smart interruptions system for bj4, she surfaces longer and more completely to talk.
numerous minor animation tweaks including pose 1, etc.
added some subtle state transition buttons for things like sex-presex even when the main UI is off.
new environment changes to taboo city environment with flying cars
several 'global' outfits such as a cute red bra and panties (track down the dependencies yourself for now as clothing is an experimental/bonus project right now)
a new environment or two (seek the addonpackages)
new randomized cum options for tits (be sure to nab latest addonpackages mentioned in the sticky thread on patreon) + updated some of the hj positions to cum on tits unless overridden
cleaned up some unnecessary/outdated files, changed audio formats and reduced file length, now the entire download is 50% smaller
finally fixed blowjob 6 and the light for it in full version
cleaner ui for voice controls with rounded values
WIP work on a new concept called blowjob with smart interruptions - she automatically talks more with her mouth off penis and talks less with her mouth on, without having to click on anything. (slowly rolling this out)
made cum button SLIGHTLY visible even when ui is turned off
new alt environments (working on an experimental Taboo planet one) check out the WIP it's not fully ready yet
cleaned up / removed some old addonpackages to reduce download size
some minor animation tweaks across 7 animations

Also baked in is a WIP dark dominatrix environment, going to be polishing that up next release, for use with either character.

2023-12-15 14_38_44-VaM.png
detail lights are now a tiny bit brighter globally than the regular lights for less "flat" looking lighting
rockhouse env has a new stormier atmosphere with much more rain and louder thunderstorm sounds
chair animation improved
hot new doggy animation (2nd yellow button)
new doggy presex animation
simplified the ui, made debug info hideable
made experimental hair ui off by default
some unnecessary files cleaned up

View attachment 314437

improvements to doggy3 animation
added (thanks to farger) the century eagle starship to the rockcave environment
facial cum system improvements - less delay between spurts, spurts are now randomized so there are hundreds of facial combinations! animation is less messy overall with only 4 or 5 spurts instead of 9
organized categories for environments
ship flyovers are far less frequent now (distracting)
speeder env updated with new assets from Farger
mish 7 animation improved
several standing/stripping animations improved
new hj15 animation
more detailed beds / sci fi beds
new ambient light toggle for brighter lights (aka in the desert)
better desert env lighting and skybox
added new fantasy minimalist beach among other new alternate environments
several improved handjob animations
stripper animation improved
upgraded timeline to newest version
desert speeder positions improved
intensity labels all 4 personality settings
several position fixes like janky SxS handjob position fix and more animation for that.
blowjob morphs now update much more frequently
blowjob morphs are ALWAYS active during a blowjob act instead of just sometimes
blowjob morphs are more excempt from the stoic multiplier
sex actions like closing eyes now happens slowly and is super hot when she's getting railed
over 10 new lines of audio for the Presex and Wildcard audio types (wildcard plays for any activity)
added new universal blowjob sounds (that play for any character)
fixed speeder collider
UI improvements
finally a secondary bed for floor position
added bedsheets
fixed broken BTS icon
BTS now loads in new lambo environment
New pre-sex position
8+ New animations for HJ4, strip1, strip3, and many other positions and fixed a lot of poses to be less awkward!
collision for speeder activities fix
new icons/ui improvments
new optional environment, the graveyard for a future character Thursday
new optional environment: bunker, a variant on the parking garage, good for espionage/superhero characters
promo censored 2.png

changelog for 1.9:


For those of you who are familiar with my Senator From Taboo project, I started adding primitive support for an alternative personality - her, hair down, behind the scenes and not talking in character.

Well I have similar lines for The F*ck Awakens now and you can enjoy her outside of the desert or on a spaceship and somewhere more grounded and real-world. Real time swapping, same as always, between in-character in space or bent over in a parking garage in a cocktail dress. That's the plan. So yeah next update, plenty of lines for this scenario and a new environment.



side cof animation improved
man gasp/ heartbeat sound fixed to be louder
realized my wip ai cum override buttons were also changing the position for you/decided against that to let you decide when and where to use them
added new optional bunker/garage environment, primarily for behind the scenes character play
mish 1 improved
new fondle animation and icons
new just the tip activity for premium
bugfix: programmatically loading appearance preset was SOMETIMES randomly not loading skin textures?!?! Remedied this by doing it twice. i think vam times out for long-running operations and vh34 is cpu intensive on charswap.
bugfix: some unused icons removed
AI cum now lets you know when to get ready with a rapid heartbeat sound/gasp (wait 10 seconds or so)
Added support for two publicly available environments on the hub
moved alt envs to optional download to save space
deleted some junk files reducing the filesize
added some missing animations for stripping
added sounds for certain positions
updated ui incorrect info
bed collision now so less clipping/slightly buggy for some poses
CUM now defaults to face
AI cum now waits longer for the initial spurt, about 10 seconds
new animation variants
more subtle cum alterate for facial that's randomly chosen on COF (different endings sometimes is the goal)
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