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  1. N

    Scenes A Taboo Seduction 2

    You sneak into her room, where she finally tells you how she really feels about you. Fully voiced (It's from A Daughters Whisper - I don't know who to credit for the audio, but would love to if anyone knows) Taboo subject matter. Step-Dad and Step-Daughter. First time using timeline. Hope you...
  2. virtualharem34

    Scenes The Golden Ticket (British Babe): Professionally Voiced with 150+ audio files! 0.4

    Nestled high in the mountains, you answer a one of a kind invitation for a getaway with that one classy movie star you've always had a crush on, a generic posh british babe named Elliaria Incognito. Her identity may be a mystery (and is up to you -To Prevent Confusion with any persons real or...
  3. virtualharem34

    Scenes The Fuck Awakens: (Professionally Voiced) 0.995

    What is The Fuck Awakens? A Fully-voiced multi-position immersive scene with spoken dialogue by a hot British VA driven by some in-house scripting AI. Dialogue is configurable, randomized, and event-driven. Intro is always the same but each playthrough is unique with millions of possible voice...
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