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The Fuck Awakens: (Professionally Voiced) + VH34 Multiverse

Scenes The Fuck Awakens: (Professionally Voiced) + VH34 Multiverse 1.71

What is The Fuck Awakens?

A Fully-voiced multi-position immersive scene with spoken dialogue by a hot British VA driven by some in-house scripting AI. Dialogue is configurable, randomized, and event-driven. Intro is always the same but each playthrough is unique with millions of possible voice line combinations. Atmosphere, rain, SFX, and romantic-ass lighting. Clothing outfits. 3 environments and dozens of character customization buttons. The free version is a subset of all the positions and activities you can do with the character in the extended cut.

Remember to install all required packages (included), replace the generic look via appearance preset (PROVIDED LOOK IS A GENERIC PLACEHOLDER)


To Prevent Confusion with any persons real or fictional, the provided look is GENERIC and contains very few face morphs and no textures. For those inquiring, this is not intended to be a star wars story, but you're welcome to substitute your own characters from franchises like star wars. PLEASE CUSTOMIZE/OVERWRITE THE LOOK TO YOUR OWN FANTASY. ALL other content is provided like audio, outfit, and accessories but you will have to provide your own look to adapt to your fantasy. It's EASY to load one however, simply download a hot look, say from Vecterror, and go to load appearance preset to replace our generic girl.

Seriously - just search for 'Vecterror' and you'll find plenty of great looks for this role. There are other suggestions in the download itself that are PERFECT.

Our hot british voice actress has recorded over 40 minutes of audio for The Fuck Awakens projects, samples below.

promo censored.png

Lots of fun easter eggs in the environments and ambience for realism:

fa desert.png

Note: The free version has only a subset of the full versions's instant-position swapping scenes (namely hand stuff). If you like it....Get the extended cut version here which has more scenes like this:

Also on patreon are other characters/scenarios in development that won't be released to the hub for a good while yet:


qe censored preview.png

What is the VH34 Multiverse?

Explore a Multiverse of Possibility by downloading multiple scenes and swapping into them in realtime:


Not all of these characters are ready, but to give you an idea behind the multiverse - imagine clicking one or two buttons and the girl instantly swaps out to a new world, new clothes, new body, and new voice choices.


Installation Guide: (mostly for newbies, it's basically copy and paste into the VAM directory)

This scene also features zero-load position swapping. Her dialogue changes dynamically with the situation. Swap characters, they change voice, swap positions, they change dialogue based on position and sex intensity.


Other features:
Dynamic pixel lighting that follows you around the room, and can be adjusted globally
several layers of atmospheric ambience that vary environment-to-environment
multiple clothing sets and environments
sex sounds
different beds for each environment

new environments and settings added all the time (see our latest upcoming one)


Scripting grows more advanced each week, with advanced options like personalities and positional audio:


The scenes are mostly short loops with some advanced scripting and some great dialogue. Not a TON there but it will be continuously improved like our other scenes in the coming months. Do not expect very much complex animation, this is primarily an audio/scripting project. We regularly update characters with new dialogue/dirty talk/moaning.

VH34 AT ITS CORE is evolving towards a one-stop multi-character immersive platform, featuring:

1) Characters that often come with their own outfits, each with a unique personality voiced by a professional voice actress. Dialogue is randomized but situation driven -switch to bJ and she'll suck you off, up her intensity and she'll ask you to bust in her mouth, tell her to chill out and stop running her mouth so much and she'll go back to swallowing dutifully. She's more likely to talk about her ass when you're behind her and she's more likely to ask you to cum in her mouth when she's turned on.
2) Instant position swapping - teleport into place and start fucking without loading times. Character instant queues up different dialogue. If you want her more vocal or more into quiet moaning there are buttons for that.
3) Immersive Dynamic Pixel Lighting - lights follow you around the room for each position, no adjustment needed
4) Immersive sound design - background noise, ambient effects add to the experience, unique to each environment
5) Custom Clothing - characters often have custom commissioned clothing from creators like AFVR
6) Multiverse functionality - teleport from a dirty alley to a distant starship in one touch of a button, swapping out the character, their personality, clothes, the background, the ambience sounds, all in one click. (you will need both characters installed)
7) Handjob sounds, slurping, and sex slaps (some of which are global and can be used for your own custom characters)
8) Plugin-based randomization beyond just voice, randomized subtle expressions and handjob grip tension, for example, adds to the realism.
9) Position-based dialogue - from doggystyle only she might say "fuck my ass" yada yada yada.
10) Lazy real-time loading of audio - instead of waiting for vam to queue up 600 audio files VH34 now loads them on an adhoc basis for improved load times.
11) Universal Speed Controls - control the speed of ALL animations with two buttons
12) Universal Brightness Controls - set the mood of ALL lights with two buttons
13) Multiple outfits and undress states - stop fucking with these in a menu and load them in one click, add your own instant-load presets (up to 4 outfits/undress states each right now)
14) Finish on face auto-scripting compatible with any character
15) Alternate Personalities - The same character can be super turned on, or more performative, or sleepy, or in-character or with her guard down, all depending on some configuration of the audio options and the audio available
16) Universal speed controls that affect all positions with two buttons

This is a very ambitious and as a result a bit buggy project, but it's getting near completion and stability. thanks for your patience and feedback.

Your generous patronage feeds our hungry hos and animators.

Terms of use : Do not use my scripts or audio in any scenes you distribute. Thank you.



This is very much a work in progress - expect bugs and jankiness that will be resolved with each pass.

A small fraction of people have reported characters freezing in a handful of scenes but they are in the minority - seems to be a plugin conflict that happens for some folks, hoping to track it down. Please try the free version and if you get that working the full version will also work great for you.

Every attempt was made to only include free unlicensed third party resources, but if you have any issue with your clothing, texture, morph, or hair asset being used, please PM and it will be removed. Thanks.

Special CC license mentions to many creators including:

Amine Kunai's sperm on face pack which was used with the CC license as well as his mime clothing. I highly recommend his patreon for great clothing sims.

One exception: AnythingFashionVR's Desert Outfit / White Hooded outfit was commissioned directly for this project.

Special thanks also to AdamAnt, Ashauryn, and others.


Hey guys thanks again for checking out this scene. I'm an 80s kid, fantasy/sci-fi nerd at heart and love movies like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and The Matrix. Working on VAM fantasies has been a rey of light in my otherwise ho-hum life, so I appreciate all the feedback. Love you guys!


Please do not use my scripts or my audio. Feel free to jack the poses or environment if you want.
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thank you sir, sorry for the earlier confusion, glad you got it working!
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