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Plugins WearableCUA 2

Yet another plugin for attaching CUAs to people.

Similar in spirit to @zgock 's CUAAutoFollow, but a lot less ambitious and a little simpler. That one allows following morphs and controllable offsets.

I know it overlaps with several other plugins as well, but it's part of a larger effort to allow packaging CUAs into clothing and I needed something specific.

  1. Add to a CUA (or any other) atom
  2. Select the person and bone
  3. Reposition the CUA as needed (it'll stay attached)

First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

More resources from Stopper

Latest updates

  1. Support for Dildos

    No works on anything with bones (i.e. Dildos) Thanks to @lapiroman for the suggestion

Latest reviews

Love you!
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great stuff man
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I believe CUA clothing will finally be possible, at least partially, and your ambition is even higher.
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Does exactly what it says on the tin. Does have some weird issues with bone-morphs, though.
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