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Clothing ReWrapper

Plugins Clothing ReWrapper

A QoL plugin for importing clothing. Allows for re-wrapping of clothing against selected vertices. Mean to simplify wrapping of rigid clothing and accessories.

This is still an early version but wanted to get feedback from the community. I don't import a lot of clothing, so let me know what features would be useful.

❤ to all the content creators out there and I hope this makes your lives a little easier.

What it Does

This essentially automates the process outlined in @mopedlampe 's advanced import guide:

It's mostly useful for scenarios where the default behavior of wrapping to the nearest vertex doesn't work well, such as
  • Eyewear/Facewear where you don't want it to wrap to the eyes or eyelids
  • Rigid clothing like armor, bracelets, or other accessories
  • Large pieces like a Victorian skirt, where you want it to move with the hips and not the legs
It may or may not be useful in other contexts.

  1. Import clothing using Clothing Creator
  2. Reload ClothingRewrapper (recommend reloading for every attempt)
  3. In the Plugin UI, click "Start Selection Mode"
  4. Mouse over triangles and hit Ctrl to select, Alt to deselect
  5. End selection mode
  6. Press Rewrap
    1. Once this finishes you will see a preview. This is NOT the actual skin, but a separate one. The actual skin will not update until you save and reload (for internal VAM reasons)
  7. Go back to Clothing Creator and save/overwrite the clothing.
The core wrapping algorithm was copy-pasted from disassembled VAM code and should function more or less the same, with the exception that the set of valid triangles to wrap to is restricted. It will still wrap to the nearest of the selected.

It can still be a little finnicky. I recommend saving your clothing item before re-wrapping just so you don't have to import if all goes wrong.

The surfaceOffset needs to be set to a high value. This is due to an internal VAM setting that prevents clothing vertices from being 'behind' the triangle it's wrapped to. The offset needs to be high enough so that the entire cloth is in front of the vertex it's wrapped to.

Here I'm importing wrestling/superhero mask that will, by default, wrap to the eyes and eyelids. You can see how the mesh deforms when the model blinks and we don't want that.

So I use the plugin to re-wrap it to the forehead, temples, and chin (so the mouth still moves).

Ideally I would also wrap it to the nose, neck, and other parts of the cranium, but I wanted to keep it short.
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    Added configurable selection area, based on triangle adjacency. Limited at 100 for now...
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Latest reviews

still not work in my com
Upvote 1
This plugin along with AltFuta have really made Virtamate fun again for me. Successfully using it to make panties that bulge for a futa. Amazing and useful!
Upvote 2
Like your internal clothing plugin, this is just what the doctor prescribed.
Upvote 0
Seriously!! Thank you!! I can finally create something that won't deform with the shoulders!
Upvote 0
Finally got round to testing this as part of a new pair of high heels I've been working on for a while.

Result - amazing!
Not only is this easier than the offset custom morph hack. It allows the creation of heel designs and extreme platforms that simply aren't possible without this plugin.
Upvote 3
Amazing plugin! Easy to use and very useful 💖 You saved me hours of my life, thank you so so much for creating and sharing ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Upvote 2
You are amazing!!
Upvote 0
AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE FOR ANY CREATORS!!! This is just nothing short of incredible and SORELY needed! 5 stars all the way!
Upvote 0
Makes something normally quite difficult almost trivial, a must have for anyone making rigid clothing :)
Upvote 0
I see you can make the skin vertices selectable in the game, so is it possible to attach a CUA to user selected clothes vertices? If possible, we can attach some accessories to the clothes and make them move(even with physics) with the clothes, which will be fantastic. I want to sponsor you to achieve this via pateron, etc. Expecting your reply !
So for rigid clothing, the vertex positions are based off of a formula on the wrap settings and skin vertices, which are (generally) based on the position of the bones. So you should be able to make CUAs stay in the right place with parenting and existing 'glue' mods. For sim clothing, it should also be possible to get the position of the individual cloth verts and use that to set the position of a CUA, though that would take some creative coding.

That being said, I'm not sure if it's something I'll pick up in the near future. What types of things would you want to achieve?

I don't have a patreon. I do this for fun, and bringing money and responsibilities into it seems like a hassle
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