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Penis Head Mesh Collider

Plugins Penis Head Mesh Collider 2

This plugin adds a mesh collider to the head of the penis for more or less 'perfect' collision with other objects in the scene.

Will work fine with physics meshes (lips and vagina), but will not interact with clothes. Note, however, that the 'base' colliders will still collide with clothing even if they are otherwise disabled.

  1. Add to a Male Atom

  • Unity doesn't support changing the shape of a mesh collider (i.e. morphs). It can only be re-created, which is slow. To preserve FPS, there's a slider for how often this is done.
  • It will add the collider for AltFuta, but will not work when loading a scene. The issue is that AltFuta takes multiple frames to load and this plugin will not wait for it (yet).
  • Unity only supports 'convex' meshes for mesh collision on dynamic objects, meaning that it can't support an inwards curve. This means that in some cases it won't collide exactly.

First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 7 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Various Fixes

    Split the collider into two smaller ones, which should hopefully solve compatibility issues...

Latest reviews

amazing work as always. way less physics issues when shoving a huge dong in all the way!
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unsurprisingly, another fantastic plugin from stopper! What a major difference!
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Another Stopper plugin getting added to my default male plugin preset! Thanks!
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FINALLY! And CC-BY too? I will swear by this for the rest of my creator career thank you so much for making this <3
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Insanely good plugin like all of your work :D Thank you very much for sharing these
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Awesome man! BodyLanguage may be bugged though if you disable the original capsule colliders.
There is no way to disable the recreation completely, right? What about a toggle to just enable it on demand if there happen to be scene driven penis morphs (which is most likely not the case). The initial setup when the look is finished could be done by toggle it on/off or by simply reloading the plugin.
I haven't tried the two together. I can add some documentation if they aren't compatible.

Yeah, it's likely possible to hook into some internal flags that track if any morph vertices have changed, I just haven't done that yet.
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Awesome plugin :D Thank you! if only we could have the whole body as a mesh collider with morphs .... we can dream can't we lol
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