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This plugin provides an alternative implementation of futa models by adding male genitalia to a female model (rather than morphing a male model).

Morphs and controls should work as they would for male models. Otherwise all hair, clothing, and other settings should work as normal for females.

Unfortunately, all existing female/futa textures will likely not align correctly and there will be visible seams until community creates new ones. WeebUVR has an initial set here:

I don't know anything about texture creation, but I've uploaded exports of the futa model OBJs here.

Disclaimer: This plugin extends VAM in a way it really wasn't designed to be extended. There will be bugs, and it helps if you flag them in the thread.

  1. Add to a Female model.
    1. It will change your skin. Changing to another skin will undo it, but adding custom skins will work.
  2. Turn on "Use Male Morphs on Female" or penis morphs won't save correctly.
  3. Turn off "Auto Leg Bend Fix Morphs" under the "Auto Behaviors" tab.
    1. These don't work for the male pelvis on a female model
  4. If you see small gaps at the seams, AutoBodySmoother should fix them.
  5. Use Plugin UI to position the penis and modify texture to match the rest of the skin
  • May or may not be compatible with other female morphs that change/scale the body.
    • These morphs likely don't have formulas for the male genitalia.
    • Use the positioning sliders in the Plugin UI to fix
  • Likely many other bugs.
    • If you hit any, please let me know.

For those of you curious about how it works, VAM skins a composite of multiple meshes that are 'grafted' together. There's logic for a main texture and 2 grafts. Luckily, female models currently only use one. So at a high level the plugin uses that second graft slot to add the male gens.

WeebUVR - Perineum Morphs, Texture work, Insipiration
ParticlePinnacle - Vagina Morphs
BooMoon - Vagina Morphs
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  1. Various Fixes

    Big thanks to everyone that's been flagging bugs and to everyone else for bearing with me...
  2. Bugfixes

    Fixed issue with skin not reloading in some scenarios.
  3. Various Fixes And Improvements

    Refactored a lot of the initialization code. A lot more of it is done synchronously and should...

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Great plugin especially when trying to get a proper strapon look.
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Absolutely amazing!!!. Great work!. It also works with the diving rod plugin.
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simple to use, great results out of the box (no pun intended). don't wait on this one, try it!
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This plugin is EVERYTHING! Thank you so so much!
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idk how your massive brain fits inside your skull
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I wish there was a version with the testicles removed
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nice mod
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Revolutionary! Thank you very much for your work, it is greatly appreciated :-)
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Great plugin!
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Finally , never thought VAM 1 will have female futas.
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