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[Experimental] Alternative Futa

Plugins [Experimental] Alternative Futa 24

Big thanks to everyone that's been flagging bugs and to everyone else for bearing with me. Update 22 had a lot of changes under the hood that made rare issues happen more reliably. I'll keep working through them as we find them.
  • Improvements to collider sync after loading
  • Better tesselation on initial load
    • This reduces (but does not eliminate) the small gap between the pelvis and male gens
    • You'll still need to load one of HuntingSuccubus' tesselation or subsurface scattering plugins to fix it
  • Improvements to race conditions between reloading and skin vertex updates
  • Fixed issue where successive reloads may alter the skin
  • Stability fixes for repeated reloading of skin and plugin
  • Fixed issue with skin not reloading in some scenarios.
  • Refactored a lot of the initialization code.
    • A lot more of it is done synchronously and should hopefully result in fewer race conditions.
    • Might also break things. Let me know! 😃
  • No longer adds male genital morphs to the female morph UI.
    • Should also no longer throw "Could not find morph" errors when loading a scene.
  • Now auto-enables 'use male morphs on female'
    • It will also zero out all male morphs if the setting wasn't previously set. Otherwise the 'default' male morphs would mess up the model during general use.
  • Added a new morph "AltFuta Pelvis Smooth v1" that blends the gens a little better.
    • It's just a combination of built-in morphs, so it's far from perfect.
    • Works best with a Z offset of -0.0085 or so
    • 1696894157134.png1696894233009.png
  • Other small tweaks that I can't remember.
  • Fixed bug in latest update that cause penis physics to break
  • Fixed bug where testicle controls weren't enabled
  • Added some fixes for AltFutas in SubScenes.
    • Thanks to @WeebUVR for flagging! Should hopefully now work in his insane scenes.
  • Brought back the option to hide the male pelvis.
    • Note: this turns off any pinning or other geometry changes.
  • Merged the material options for the pelvis and penis into one.
    • If anyone has a good reason to keep them separate let me know. Otherwise it just seems redundant.
  • Fixed issue where FPS drops after loading the plugin and before character UI is loaded.
  • Geometry
    • Changed the pinning on the front of the pelvis to remove jagged lines
    • Changed the pinning on the perineum to be further forward
      • 1689792533900.png
      • Still works pretty well with Weeb's textures but might require adjustment
      • 1689792564486.png
    • Added a "Vagina Hide" morph based off of Particle Pinnacle's vagina forward morphand some built-ins
      • This fixes some odd shadows with the new geometry
    • Fixed collision between testicles and the colliders in the pelvis and vagina
  • Material Options
    • Will now load all the saved body textures by default. Added 'merge load' setting to allow for the previous behavior
    • Fixed issue with some settings going to 0 when
    • Various fixes and improvements. Should hopefully be well-behaved now.
      • If you see issues, please let me know.
This update is a long-time coming, and it took a lot of investigation, custom tooling, and trial & error to get here. The end result, though, is what I'm hoping will be the final version of the geometry so texture work can start.

Huge thanks to @WeebUVR for helping me work through all this and creating some of the first compatible textures.

General Changes
  • The only major setting is now whether to show/hide the vagina.
    • The male pelvis is always drawn and don't use the base textures anymore.
    • Consequently, there's no longer a material UI for the female pelvis.
  • Added Save/Load of presets

  • Vagina Hidden - Now Default
    • The perineum now stretches around the vagina up towards the anus.
    • Non-visible parts of the vagina mesh are now hidden.
    • If you see small gaps between the pelvis and body, it's likely a problem with tessellation.
    • WeebUVR has already done some texturing work to smooth this out, and it's looking pretty good! I will let him release that when he's done.
    • 1689714604292.png1689714572234.png
  • Vagina Shown
    • I've cleaned up the geometry/pinning and hid most of the perineum.
      • Unfortunately, there's no way to properly pin the back of the testicles to the area around the clit. The geometry is too different. This still needs to be 'folded' in.
      • The unused portions of the vagina mesh are now also hidden here as well.
    • Unfortunately, these will need likely need a separate set of textures from the 'hidden' version as it might be difficult to get a texture that works for both.
    • 1689714944985.png
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