1. WeebUVR

    Clothing Leggings for Futa 2021-07-23

    9 texture presets: You can also enable genitals and adjust alpha for a torn crotch on all presets:
  2. G

    Question Anus collission issue

    I got the Leap motion controller, (kind of buggy, and lacking in polish for a piece of hardware almost a decade old) and I use Acidbubbles Leap plugin which works FLAWLESSLY (aside from leap not registering ''inputs''). My issue is that I seem to be having issues penetrating the anus of Futas...
  3. WeebUVR

    Clothing Futa Pantyhose 2021-07-21

    8x texture preset + You can also adjust color
  4. Pokemom


    When you're looking for Pokemon, but find Poke-Mom
  5. WeebUVR

    Scenes Ruth Scenes 2021-07-20

    In Scene 1 you can: -swap between 4 poses -Give her a HJ (With right VR hand by default). -Get face fucked.
  6. Devil queen.png

    Devil queen.png

    My pc is going to die. But 8k picture, you can zoom :p
  7. JoyBoy

    Looks Andi Collection 2021-07-11

    TKB original Secretary Andi futa look converted to Female. Credit: @TKB for sending the .obj clothing for porting and permission of publication. Other credits are shown in the dependencies tab.
  8. Fetish Fairy

    Fetish Fairy

    Beware, weary traveller, for foul fetish fairy roam these forbidden woods. .. because (read like "because in soviet russia,....") "In forbidden forests, funky fetish fairies fuck you" :wink:
  9. WeebUVR

    Looks Samantha Futa 2021-07-08

  10. WeebUVR

    Looks Natasha Futa 2021-07-08

  11. WeebUVR

    Looks Sara Futa 2021-07-08

  12. WeebUVR

    Looks Ruth Futa 2021-07-08

  13. WeebUVR

    Clothing Futa panties with sim 2021-07-05

    Removable panties with sim Notes: -The colliders for balls do collide with cloth but do not scale with morphs, so you will need to use Collider editor plugin for adjustments for your models.
  14. 1625184604.jpg


  15. WeebUVR

    Clothing Futa cock panties 2021-06-30

    Cock panties with few texture variations
  16. FireByrd

    Guides Applying Decal Makeups Guide

    While not the most complicated thing in the world, it's not the most intuitive either, so as a makeup creator, I thought I'd put together something for people who haven't tried applying them before. IMPORTANT NOTE: Male/futa models are built on a different texture base than females. So, just...
  17. FireByrd

    Guides Female to Futa Model Conversion Guide

    I have gotten a lot of value from other people's guides, so I thought I'd give back by making one of my own :) 1) You're going to want to go to the person you want to change and open the Male Morphs tab to start. 2) Select "Use Female Morphs on Male" in the top right. 3) Two options down...
  18. OnkelPolo

    Paid Scenes The Polo (Updated) 1.0

    now with 6 animations. Credit to biochrisd for the asset : (2) Scenes - A Bar Called Heaven's Night!~ | Virt-A-Mate Hub (virtamate.com) I'll be uploading more scenes with even more animations soon! thank you all for your support!
  19. s p l i n e VR

    Paid Looks Paulo the Brazilian TS (Commission) 1.0

    Hair by JoyBoy LOL Hairstyle base JoyBoy LOL Bang Clothing by RenVR Iris reflection Hunting Succubus Eyeball shadow Plugin by Hunting Succubus Male body smoother Tessellation2
  20. Just_Pose

    Full Package Futa ?

    Not sure where to ask or request ? Or if it is even possible at the moment ? Looking for a " Full-package Futa " with same functions as female . My heavily modified version that uses Collider plugin to disable Scrotum Collisions is very buggy and only works on certain poses , while I could add...
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