1. CosmicFTW

    Paid Looks Grace Futa 1

    I was originally unable to package this Futa Look as the VAM Skin I wanted to use was corrupted, now that Mesh has fixed it I can release it. I have included a new VAR for the "Grace Hair" that is a dependency also. I converted the tats from the female version to work on futa as well. Female...
  2. WeebUVR

    Looks Monster girl 5 2021-05-03

  3. WeebUVR

    Clothing Gold bracelets 2021-05-03

    The reflection is very dependent on Global Ilumination.
  4. dreamable

    Futa dick going absolutely haywire.

    Kinda new to this and I'm having a lot of fun trying out different scenes and making my own degenerate setups - I've just been making some simple scenarios using VaMx which is fantastic, and for the next one I want to make a 3some with one male, another chick riding him, and her in turn sucking...
  5. D

    Creating custom cumshot.

    I' m making a giantess futa scene and want the giantess to produce a giant load, problem is I don't know how. I don't know anything about unity but I do know about blender. Will blender's fluid work inside VaM, if yes how? I'd like to know about all the ways cum can be achieved within vam...
  6. s p l i n e VR

    Paid Scenes Michelle V's Lidia 1.0

    Hair by Roac Tuck Clothing by Hunting succubus eyeball shadow Mocap Custom sounds Custom skins 8K screenshots
  7. s p l i n e VR

    Paid Textures Futa Skins X3 1.0

    8K screenshots
  8. Sharr

    Paid Looks The Hyena Pack 2021-04-12

    Here is my Hyena furry look for both the female, futa and male models. Hyenas are led by the females and are larger than the males in general. Hope you like the end result.
  9. biochrisd

    Paid Looks Cow Girl! 1

    You can find her here along with many other models just like it! Thanks for the support! https://www.patreon.com/VirtCreation Comes with a scene as is in the images above, included are the head morph with the accessories (tail, horns) Please consider supporting me here! Thank you...
  10. U

    Plugins Supplementary colliders for male & futa 2

    Warning : this is very beta. The plugin adds 42 atoms to the scene, which are a pain to remove by hand if things go wrong. Keep a copy of your scene before using. This plugin adds several hidden capsule atoms to the legs, hip and breasts of male skin based characters so that cloth and hair...
  11. Jackaroo

    Paid Early-Access Looks Dr Lillian 1

    Dr Lily, Hair, glasses, and earrings are CUA's ( hair and earrings have physics) Best to use CUAmanager plugin to save preset, and load easily into any scene Clothing is separated into: Jacket Top+collar Skirt+Belt Shoes Stockings Enjoy! Let me know if you experience any difficulties
  12. C

    Paid Looks 18 Set FUTA version 2021-04-05

    Appearance includes 4 styles of makeup textures like the female version Thank you for your support! Next is the new set 19~~~~~
  13. WeebUVR

    Clothing Futa Lingerie set 2021-04-05

    Futa Lingerie set:
  14. Jackaroo

    Clothing Eyes! Lips! Nails! (Futa) 1

    3 glitter makeup clothing items, now fit for futa and male characters.
  15. s p l i n e VR

    Paid Scenes Asking a friend a favour 1.0

    Clothing by WeebU Fancy heels 2 Aracon XF_CuteStockings XF_CuteWaistGarter
  16. WeebUVR

    Clothing Office vest+skirt for Futa 2021-03-23

    for Futa only.
  17. s p l i n e VR

    Paid Looks Xenia TS 1.0

    Hair by Korisaki Hika Clothing by WeebU Fancy heels 2
  18. s p l i n e VR

    Paid Looks Leanne TS 1.0

    Clothing by Hunting succubus iris reflection
  19. WeebUVR

    Looks Jill Futa 2021-03-13

    Complimentary Heels, earrings, outfit: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/basic-shapes-earrings-added-triforce-version.4823/ https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/platform-heels.3066/ https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/simple-leather-futa-outfit.2810/
  20. CosmicFTW

    Paid Looks CyberFuta 1

    CyberFuta is a full custom Look in the Cyberpunk theme. Included is a full set of custom textures with pronounced Normal Maps to bring out the cyber details. I have included custom Eyes (iris, sclera and lash's) and genitals to bring this look to life also.
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