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    Clothing FUTA Purple Party Dress 1.0

    FUTA PURPLE Party Dress, Dress has enough fabric on skirt to keep erect cock inside the skirt, you may not have to disable anatomy. If you keep boobs too big and super hard erection, you may need to adjust the dress physics. Fits perfectly on FUTA Model Angie from @WeebUVR
  2. WeebUVR

    Scenes Rose Futa scenes 2022-11-27

    needed plugin: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/hide-skin-by-mask.7089/ Scene 1 are just 2 work out animations with playable erection animation. Scene 2 has POV HJ + BJ animations. you can also use your right VR hand to jerk her off.
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  6. bigcsar

    Morphs Thicc Morphs 2022-11-21

    Hello, The morphs that I use to create my OCs, I hope you like it. If you want you can join my PATREON. Thank you!
  7. JaxZoa

    Paid Clothing Futa Condom v1.0

    Simple Condom for futa characters (with physics). You can change the base and shaft colors independently.
  8. GiovniYA

    Paid Scenes Three person sex scene (Female/Futa - dual scene) 2022-11-21

    (Female × 2 Male) / (Futa × Female × Male) These are two scenes with the same basis, but they are the female and futa versions respectively. They all have eight different sexual positions,you can even adjust the main character Haya's basic figure, which I think is a very good option. If...
  9. WeebUVR

    Scenes Futa dick rubbing 2022-11-19

    Just some hip sway and masturbation
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  11. Ark1F1

    Paid Early-Access Looks Anaya McAllister + Futa 1.0

    Hey everyone! THIS lady is a very special gal! A funny story behind this gal originally one of my patrons in my discord saw her in my Sims 4 game and asked me to make her so here we are today! I don't know if this counts as VaM Lore BUT, she's is the Vampire MILF mom of both my Fern & Olivia...
  12. riccio

    Paid Looks Airu (Female&Futa) 1.0

    [credit] (pose) AshAuryn.Sexpressions.latest By: AshAuryn License: CC BY Link: https://patreon.com/ashauryn kemenate.Morphs.latest By: kemenate License: FC Link...
  13. stylesi

    Looks Godly femma Twins- MetaChat Remix by Ark1F1 4

    Hi lovelies, Ark1F1 recently took a stab at my prior femma MetaChat look: he did a stunning (and classy) version of it with scifi theme and a futa version to boot up too! I am sharing this awesome look to you all for MetaChat multiplayer purposes or single player use too: Go check out the...
  14. dreamable

    Looks My "custom" look for MChat 1.0

    I'm getting there, bear with me! First upload ever, so it's gonna be fecked I'm sure. I'll update soon with improved dependencies and credits and all that. Pinky promise! Update 1.0 Here she is - completed! Somewhat. I think. Most of the dependencies have been fixed and she's ready to FUCK...
  15. MvFF

    Guides Use Blender to Merge Male Gens Texture with Torso Texture for Futa

    This guide was made with Blender 3.3 I use Linux so some screenshots may differ slightly, I Apologize for any confusion caused by this. But it shouldn't be any different. This assumes you already have Textures. If you want to convert a set of Female Textures to Male you should follow this guide...
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  17. WeebUVR

    Looks Rose Futa 2022-11-12

  18. T

    Scenes Shilrah Tabletop 2022-11-12

    Quick loop I made of Shilrah and Dani going at it. Shilrah by NoCthis and Dani By Damarmau and Weebu
  19. pogdaddy

    Paid Looks Kassi - Futa World Championship Winner 1

    Includes custom morphs and 3 appearance presets: fun-sized, medium, and huge! Character Background: Kassi was just a regular futa, nothing out of the ordinary. That was, until college. You see, Kassi started to grow at an increasing swift rate. It wasn't long before, even while fully soft, she...
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