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Plugins DiviningRod 2021-08-14

Add plugin to any male to turn his rod into something that can find wet places ;)

Will automatically align penis to nearest vagina or mouth of any other person atom. Anus and hands can also be enabled, but might need some individual parameter finetuning. Or you may even specify a custom target (armpits, masturbators, toasters, ... you name it!).

This plugin is often an easy fix for minor alignment issues. E.g., after loading a different look for some person atom in the scene. And in a lot of other cases it can avoid the occasional penis pop out.

It was thanks to JayJayWon's OrificeAligner that I got the idea to use offsets to make anus a possibility for targeting, as well (even without an existing reference object).

How to use:
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5.00 star(s) 49 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. ToumeiHitsuji.DiviningRod.4

    Improved stability of pop out prevention (finally found out how to access trigger states! You...
  2. ToumeiHitsuji.DiviningRod.3

    Offset finetuning parameters for all targets Anus and hand target support! (those might need...
  3. ToumeiHitsuji.DiviningRod.2

    Added option to actively prevent penis pop out (can even pop a penis back in). Disabled by...

Latest reviews

good work
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A must have plugin especially useful for positions that can be tricky to align properly.
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Hella useful!
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a must
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Very essential plugin. Thank you
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One of the must have plugins. Makes animating so much easier. Thank you
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Adding this to your scene gives you +3 dexterity and +5 accuracy. How the hell did ANY of us make scenes before this existed? It's like pressing the "easy mode" button. :O
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Can't believe I didn't come back and give this the 5 STAR rating it deserves! An absolute essential!!!
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Absolutely essential
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