1. Make Penis and Boobs bigger with a Slider

    Guides Make Penis and Boobs bigger with a Slider 2024-03-30

    A Guide on how to make Penis and Boobs bigger with a Slider
  2. Foreskin morphs

    Morphs Foreskin morphs 1.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-SA

    Those are custom foreskin morphs, designed for default penis (it can work with custom ones, but depending on the shape you could get some clipping). Those are made with some VAM default morphs and few custom ones. I used some morphs from Jackaroo and VamTastic, and merged everything using Morph...
  3. S

    Sex plugin

    Is there a plugin available, or would it be possible for someone to create a plugin that would align both male and female genitalia perfectly together, adjust the sizes of the penis/vagina along with colliders accordingly and have different options for thrusts, variability, depth etc. for both...
  4. FREE Idle-Man Masturbation

    Scenes FREE Idle-Man Masturbation 2023-11-29
    Hub-Hosted VAR FC

    Hey there! You can call me MagicMia on this hub. Hope this motion capture will help in your scenes. I recommend to turn off and then ON the collision of the character, so you can have the grasp of the hand natural. Thank you for your support and feel free to follow me on
  5. Flaccid/Erect Penis Pose Preset

    Poses Flaccid/Erect Penis Pose Preset 1
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Two very basic Pose Presets that contain ONLY PenisBaseControl PenisMidControl PenisTipControl and custom Joint Spring Strength and Offsets for these controllers Just load them as Pose Presets Uncheck Snap Bones To Pose On Restore to prevent the atom from snapping The state of your Atom should...
  6. Hoodie Morphs and Textures

    Morphs Hoodie Morphs and Textures 7
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    (Demonstration video below) Use with Decal Maker for texture compatibility. (see video demonstration below) Includes: Hoodie morph for base gens Custom genital shape Hoodie morph 2 hoodie retract morphs 2 groin fold smoother morphs ( one for base morph, one for custom JaR morph) hoodie...
  7. Noxxica - 3 in 1 + Futa!

    Paid Looks Noxxica - 3 in 1 + Futa! 1

    Not textbook goth but in the same neighborhood for this month's theme! Features hand sculpted morphs and custom face, torso, and genital textures. Available in 3 different body types: slender, slimthicc, and juicy. Includes 9 appearance presets: 1 of each body style; clothed and nude. 1 of...
  8. Shira - 2 in 1 + Futa!

    Paid Looks Shira - 2 in 1 + Futa! 1

    Features hand sculpted morphs and custom face and futa genital textures. Available in 2 different body styles: Stacked & BBW + Futa Version of each. Includes 4 appearance presets: 1 of each female and futa body style. DISCLAIMER...
  9. Wet cock textures

    Paid Textures Wet cock textures 2023-04-07

    2 texture sets for wet penis, based on Jacaroo's Custom Male in VaM. Each of them have Glossines, Specular and Normal maps (no diffuse), so in theory can be added to any character. But if base maps looks no good with your male, there is a folder with clean version included. Clean version - it's...
  10. Bite Marks - Dick Edition

    Textures Bite Marks - Dick Edition 1

    Decal pack of bite marks on the dick. There are some variations of position and colorization included, along with the normal maps for better effect. At first I intended to just modify the textures in my other pack instead of creating everything again, but that didn't work at all, as the penis...
  11. T

    Question Are there any plugins that can make testicles have physics or be "independent" from the penis?

    Hello, Im kinda new to the game and I was wondering if theres a way or a plugin that can allow you to make testicles in futas or males move on their own or more naturally, its seems to me that they're always "pasted" to the dick and it looks off. I hope you guys can help me, thank you!
  12. Penis tattoo as clothing for male/futa

    Clothing Penis tattoo as clothing for male/futa v1
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-ND

  13. Male Genitalia Morph - Move Shaft Skin

    Morphs Male Genitalia Morph - Move Shaft Skin 3.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC

    i saw some recent discussion about moving the skin along the shaft of the penis, as would naturally happen to a penis while being stroked. here is a simple morph that accomplishes this. i find that it works best between: min: -0.2 max: 0.55 add it to a variable trigger, as seen in the...
  14. Ezrael

    Paid Looks Ezrael 1

    Ezreal Custom Content --hair --Skin (diffuse, spec, gloss, normal) --Clothing --morphs --cua goggles --cua color correct -- Skin preset, look preset, clothing preset Credits --Hunting Succubus--tesselation, and eye reflection --MacGruber--Post Magic Note: this character is a bit heavy...
  15. tout nu

    tout nu

    mon pénis
  16. CycloneRed

    Answered How to fold foreskin over penis tip?

    Hello, I'm trying to fold the foresting over penis timp. I went through male morphs, but I can find any that would work. Could someone point me in the right direction?
  17. Jenna Futa

    Looks Jenna Futa 1.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR

    Adding another futa model. Thanks too: Roac for hair - ( arty and tifa hair ) ICannotDie for decals and penis hair - skin WeebUVR for clothes RenVR for original Lexi Skin Hope...
  18. Zero FU Penis normal maps

    Textures Zero FU Penis normal maps 2022-07-01
    Hub-Hosted VAR FC

    Original textures: I mixed it with existing normal maps i had and some from Jackaroo and fitted them to g2m genitals. There are 6 of them with 2 levels of intensity.
  19. DiviningRod

    Plugins DiviningRod 2021-08-14
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    Add plugin to any male to turn his rod into something that can find wet places ;) Will automatically align penis to nearest vagina or mouth of any other person atom. Anus and hands can also be enabled, but might need some individual parameter finetuning. Or you may even specify a custom target...
  20. Cockz

    Assets Cockz 2022-05-23
    Hub-Hosted VAR Questionable

    3 cock models with 2 states (hard\soft) and 9 textures each Cock have 6 bones and 5 colliders Little gif with examples:
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