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Hoodie Morphs and Textures

Morphs Hoodie Morphs and Textures 1

Use with Decal Maker for texture compatibility. (see video demonstration below)


Hoodie morph for base gens
Custom genital shape Hoodie morph
2 hoodie retract morphs
2 groin fold smoother morphs ( one for base morph, one for custom JaR morph)
hoodie stretch morph (with hand pose presets for hand pose plugin)
Diffuse and Normal textures for use with Decal Maker plugin

Notes: If using the Hoodie_jar custom shape morph, make sure "penis length" morph is set to 0 or else penis will be very long
(keep it set to default if you are ok with that :p)
Best results can be seen when setting Smoothing to 1, and using Automatic Body Smoother plugin by Huntingsuccubus

Update: Included two new morphs to smooth the skin folds at base of the shaft. One for base penis shape morph, one for the custom JaR penis shape morph


Hoodie_Jar (custom shape morph) Hoodie_Retract morph Hoodie_retract_more morph


Hoodie (base gens morph) Hoodie_retract morph Hoodie_retract_more morph

Bonus morph: Foreskin Stretch +Hand pose preset for hand pose plugin

HuntingSuccubus-Tesselation, SSS
MacGruber- Postmagic

How-to Video demonstration:
First release
Last update
4.71 star(s) 7 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Now free-Hub Hosted

    Now free and hub hosted
  2. 2 more morphs

    Update: Included two new morphs to smooth the skin folds at base of the shaft. One for base...

Latest reviews

Very good! Also useful for general shaft skin animation.
Upvote 0
a milestone!
Upvote 0
Nice morphs, thanks Jackaroo
Upvote 1
Amazing work. It beats the standard setup by a mile. Well done.
yay! Also, Glad to see you back!!!!
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Very nice, I tested this with different normal and shine maps using the decal plugin. There is a problem at the base which could benefit from fixing, I would also like to see additional shape options for the tip of the foreskin. This is an EXCELLENT and welcome addition.
Thank you, I have an update coming that will remove the skin fold at the base, it was meant to be included, but didnt make it in :P. What other types of foreskin shapes would you like to see? Leave any suggestions in the discussion section :)
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Freaking amazing work on this! appreciate the normal gens morph version and the hand pose too more varied foreskin morphs is welcome
Thank you! :) so glad you are enjoying it as much as i am :P
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An amazing asset, for sure. However I have to give four stars mostly because, imho, it needs some more "sculpting/fixing" around the groin area because without using any pubic hair, you can clearly see that the whole base goes, like, inside the male body and it doesn't feel exactly natural.
If this gets fixed, If I can modify, I'll happily give five stars :)
I actually made it that way for a more natural look in its "flaccid" state, and had meant to make a morph to remove the fupa fold for when erect. I can add a morph to remove the skin fold.
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