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Plugins DiviningCleavageAndNipples

This session plugin will morph a cleavage and reduce nipple size when an item of clothing with "Adjust Breasts" is added to a girl.

NEW - Clicking undress on item of cloth with breast adjust enabled will cancel the cleavage and nipple adjust.

Thanks to @everlaster for some help with the scripting
Thanks to @VamTastic the nipple morph from Morph Collection mix which I've turned into a pose for this plugin

Original morph pack can be found here

Note - this plugin doesn't work for Futa as "Adjust Breasts" is not an option for male clothing.

Girl can be found here


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Latest updates

  1. Add option to enable/disable smooth transitions when cloth is disble/enable

    Add option to enable/disable smooth transitions when cloth is disble/enable With smooth...
  2. Re-added support for none sim cloth

    Hopefully without breaks this time
  3. reverting change - quick patch didn't work

    Reverting change - quick patch didn't work Will go away and have a think

Latest reviews

This is one of the most helpful plugins I've ever used as both a creator & user of VAM, I shamelessly plug (ha) this in all of my content posts. Thank you for your work on this.
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thanks for the work!! I have been waiting too long for this!!! much appreciated!
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Who would have known that the ability to smoosh boobs together would make a look appear that much better? It sure does though.
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This works amazing!
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Version 3 doesn't work. Version 2 works great. Thanks for the plugin!
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Are there any other presets besides adjusting the chest for clothes? I used the scene plug-in and it didn't take effect.I learned about this plug-in through a youtuber and found it to be great, but I was never able to reproduce the plug-in according to the video, which troubled me. I had never used scene plug-ins before, and had always used task plug-ins.
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Dude, your plugins might seem small, but they add so much to the immersion. Keep it up!
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Works like a charm! I am so happy to have a plugin do the morph work for me, now. Such a time saver!
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