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Plugins DiviningLipsAndHands 31

Make sure to save 'Session Plugin Presets -> Change User Defaults -> Set Current As User Defaults' to make this permanent on loading VAM or it'll only be active for that run of VAM.

All mouths and hands in the scene will auto open, suck and grab a cock when they are near it. This affects all persons hands and mouths in the scene or any scene if you load it as a session plugin.

+ Dynamic tongue and lip sucking animation along with the morph for a bit extra while giving a blowjob
+ Mouth Kissing, nipple suck and tonguing vaginas
+ Vagina Fingering morph
+ Option to auto disable "Allow possess finger control" on all atoms in the scene - normally when you possess hands the controllers allow some movement of the fingers which overrides any morph control by the plugin.
+ Plugin will now check if it's running as a scene plugin and there's an instance already running as a session plugin and will halt loading. Some creators might add this plugin as scene and if you've got it running as a session it'll course double hit on processing.
+ Only morph the closest hand to a penis or vagina
+ Switch controller based finger morph (which was permanently set to off by the plugin previously) on/off based on distance to penis/vagina and do this per hand
+ Better thumb bend for penis grab
+ Better thumb animation for penis grab - slow move out the way and then quick down instead of quick up and down
+ Removed thumb bend disable option - shout if you really were using that - but I doubt it...
+ reset hand morph if no target assigned
+ Plugin will switch between pussy fingers 1 and 2 depending on alignment with pussy - see video
+ Add tit grab morph and switch to turn this off when possessing hands (enabled by default)
+ Added alignment and morph choice for vagina fingering
+ Added option to tongue only tip of penis or Vagina (on by default)
+ Added nipple lick
+ Small bug fix to not track atoms (persons) that are off (not visble to user)
+ Cylinder projection from Vag and small radius means hands no longer do hand vag morph while touching a butt
+ Added 2 sliders for Pussy Hands React Cylinder Radius and Height Amount
+ Enable double handjob morph
+Added option (disabled by default) to target females for penis grab - this is intend for Stoppers Futa Plugin
+Better Blow Job effect which should have less clipping around the sides of the mouth and brings the bottom lip up for a closer BlowJob.
+ Improved Tongue action which was just diagonal across (-1,-1 to 1,1) and now goes in a circle motion in a random direction that changes direction at random.

  • Added Toe kissing and tonguing with offsets sliders for toes

Thanks to UserBob/AnalogueBob and VamTastic for their brilliant Blowjob, penis grip and vagina fingering morphs - REQUIRED TO RUN

See below for more detail



For those interested in the model

More detail
When a hand (all hands are adjusted) are near a "penisMidControl" the follow morphes are applied
  • Penis_Grip_R
  • Right Thumb Fist
  • Right Thumb In-Out
  • Right Thumb Bend
  • Right Thumb Grasp
  • Left Fingers Grasp
  • Penis Grip L
  • Left Thumb Fist
  • Left Thumb In-Out
  • Left Thumb Bend
  • Left Thumb Grasp

When a hand (all hands are adjusted) are near a "VaginaTrigger" the following morphes are applied
  • Pussy Finger.R
  • Pussy Finger.L
  • Pussy Finger Bend.R
  • Pussy Finger Bend.L

When a mouth (LipTrigger) (all mouths are adjusted) are near a "penisMidControl", "l/rNippleControl", "LipTrigger" or "VaginaTrigger" the follow morphes are applied
  • Mouth Open Wide
  • [BJ DX] Mouth Open Shape
  • [BJ DX] Mouth Suck Shape 1
  • [BJ DX] Mouth Suck Shape 2
  • BJ DX Kiss 2
  • [BJ DX] Mouth Corner Depth L
  • [BJ DX] Mouth Corner Depth R
  • Tongue In-Out
  • Tongue Side-Side
  • Tongue Bend Tip
  • Tongue Narrow-Wide
  • Tongue Thickness
  • divininglipsandhands_plugin.jpg
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First release
Last update
4.96 star(s) 45 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Fixed issue of Left hand not grabbing boob

    Fixed issue of Left hand not grabbing boob
  2. Added Toe kissing and tonguing with offsets sliders for toes

    Added Toe kissing and tonguing with offsets sliders for toes
  3. Fixed issue with Penis grab any Gender - now works with Stoppers plugin Alternative Futa

    Fixed issue with Penis grab any Gender - now works with Stoppers plugin Alternative Futa...

Latest reviews

Love this. But why does the girl not grab her boob with the left hand? Only the right hand grabs it.
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toe licking update LETS GOOOOOOO
Upvote 0
keep up the great work dude
Upvote 0
I think your plugin is ESSENTIAL. I use it in almost all my scenes. It makes creating licking motion so much easier. I want to personally thank you for making this amazing plugin!!
Upvote 0
Very essential plugin. Thank you
Upvote 0
Inconvenient to use, ineffective to operate, unfriendly to beginners
But your hard work in making this is wonderful
Can you explain more? How is inconvenient, ineffective and unfriendly? Nothing will change unless I know what the issues are and it is difficult to know what is hard to understand as I know it too well. Fresh eyes are always useful.
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omg this is amazing, thank you so much!!
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It keeps printing "Tongue inout lerpValue 1.xxxx tongue amount 0.xxxx", i don't know how to turn it off?
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Sounds like a very very good plugin but I jus't can't make it load. Says i'm missing on of the dependencies but I have them all on the same folder. Don't know what i'm doing wrong :)
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