BJ Deluxe
Poses Included:

Mouth Open Shape
Mouth Suck Shape 1
Mouth Suck Shape 2
Mouth Suck Shape 1 (Old)
Mouth Suck Shape 2 (Old)

Eyes Brow Down
Eyes Brow Up
Eyes Closed
Squint 1
Squint 2
Cheek Balloon L
Cheek Balloon R
Cheek Corner Bulge L
Cheek Corner Bulge R
Lip Lower Stretch L
Lip Lower Stretch R
Lip Upper Stretch L
Lip Upper Stretch R
Lips Depth
Mouth Corner Depth L
Mouth Corner Depth R
Mouth Corner Height L
Mouth Corner Height R
Mouth Corner Width L
Mouth Corner Width R
Grimace 1
Grimace 2
Grimace 3
Grimace 4
Kiss 1
Kiss 2
Kiss 3
Kiss 4
Silly 1
Silly 2
Silly 3
Silly 4
Smile 1
Smile 2
Smile 3
Smile 4

Improved open mouth shape:
Default Mouth Open.JPG

BJ DX Mouth Open.JPG

Updated suck shapes (before and after)
Mouth Suck Shape 1 New.jpg

Mouth Suck Shape 2 New.jpg

Mouth shapes are now optimized for physics:
BJ DX 2 Physics.png

Easy custom expressions with new tools:
BJ DX 2 Shapes 1.png

BJ DX 2 Shapes 2.png

BJ DX 2 Shapes 3.png

BJ DX 2 Shapes 4.png

BJ DX 2 Shapes 5.png

Expressions included:
BJ DX 2 Eyes.png

BJ DX 2 Expressions.png

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Latest updates

  1. v2.0

    - Added new mouth shapes, mouth tools and new expressions (This version is backwards compatible...

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Just awsome
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I finally found a morph that correctly lowers the upper eyelid, WITHOUT the fact that the eye looks like a pussy)) Dude, thank you from the bottom of my heart!)
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I’m so glad someone made these
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Really accurate and natural morphs!
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Not only are these morphs great for their intended purpose, they are also great with other phallical objects, including certain food items. Thank you for making these!!!
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