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Plugins GiveMeFPS

Session plugin to quickly set ALL person options to give more frames per second to 4 different levels
Allows user to set individual settings themselves

New - Adjust Person On Load Look
The plugin will attempt to adjust a person on loading a look. However it's only possible to do this if the name of the look changes (OnAtomUIDsChanged). If the name (not filename) of the loaded look is the same as the current person, it won't apply the settings.

Automatically apply settings to all atoms on loading any scene (default is off) - Make sure to save 'Session Plugin Presets -> Change User Defaults -> Set Current As User Defaults' to make this permanent on loading VAM or it'll only be active for that run of VAM and will default to off next time you load VAM
Thanks to Acid Bubbles - for help with this

Allows setting of performance preferences for easy access
Includes CPU benchmark buttons to test how many FPS your CPU is restricting your system too (spoiler - softbody physics kill CPU fps)

Sets softbody physics for Tongue, breast & glute on/off, adjusts hair parameters & reflections settings to give FPS

Girl can be found here

Background info
I was forever clicking through the menus to set many of these options so I decided to create a plugin to do it quickly.

Hair sim is one of the biggest eaters of GPU time and turning down the settings can give good results for FPS if your system is fps bound by GPU

Cloth Sim is also bad for eating GPU time

Softbody eats CPU time so if you're bound by a slow CPU this might help - I recommend turning of Glute and Tongue softbody and leaving breasts as best compromise.

I try to use as little clothe as possible with the recommend settings and can get some very good FPS - can touch 90fps in VR with 1 girl and no cloth

On the VR front it should be noted, you need extra head room to really do 80/90 because if the GPU misses a single frame it'll drop to 40/45 FPS which is really annoying, my own setup is usally sitting at 80-85fps which means it drops to 45fps!! Yes you can turn off ASW (Oculus) / Motion Smoothing (steamvr) but I've found it can be pretty choppy if you don't hit 90fps with steamvr and a vive pro

My PC is GPU bound (currently :) - 3080 ordered..), 9700k with a 1070 and the CPU isn't loaded, using the above recommened settings I can see the CPU being used far more than default values as the GPU is able to render more frames because of less demand.

I recommend the following also helps, if you think you're CPU bound, turn off hyperthreading - VAM is single core dependant. You can also mess with CPU affinty to try and get similar results.
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Latest updates

  1. Remove debugging

    Remove debugging
  2. Attempt to adjust person on loading look and fixed Render scale issue

    Adjust Person On Load Look The plugin will attempt to adjust a person on loading a look. However...
  3. Small bug fix

    Small bug fix A tick box was incorrectly being set the wrong way by quick buttons

Latest reviews

One of the best plugins for vam!
Must-have plug in
This is exactly the plugin that VAM needed. Turns it from laggy mess to beautifully running. I was working on a similar project myself, but I'm glad someone better came along and did it instead. Amazing work.
Big THX :)
Essential resource. Optimizes every scene to get the best from it. Like turning your 1070 into a 2080Ti for free.
Getting better n better.. Thanks
Very useful plugin for people like me who are struggling with fps.
u r doing great job here !
Have not tried it yet but the idea is awesome ! Thank you !
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