Plugins DiviningLipsAndHands 11

  • Only morph the closet hand to a penis or vagina
  • Switch controller based finger morph (which was permanently set to off by the plugin previously) on/off based on distance to penis/vagina and do this per hand
  • Better thumb bend for penis grab
  • Better thumb animation for penis grab - slow move out the way and then quick down instead of quick up and down
  • Removed thumb bend disable option - shout if you really were using that - but I doubt it...
  • reset hand morph if no target assigned
  • Spotted a few bugs, squashed.
Added speed controls for the various animations on tongue and finger

Added option to auto disable "Allow possess finger control" on all atoms in the scene - normally when you possess hands the controllers allow some movement of the fingers, this option disables that. You can do this manually if you want here

Plugin will now check if it's running as a scene plugin and there's an instance already running as a session plugin and will halt loading. Some creators might add this plugin as scene and if you've got it running as a session it'll course double hit on processing.
Added Vagina fingering - NEW DEPENDENCY

A few more things this plugin will now do
  • Kissing
  • Sucking nipples
  • Tonguing vaginas
It wasn't catching some missing morphes in use - it should error with a good message and quit now instead of printing endless null pointer references
Added some dynamic tongue and lips sucking animation. This just adds something extra than just a cock in a month. On by default, but can turn it off if you don't like it.
Now uses "penis grip" by VamTasic NEW DEPENDENCY

+ fix for male/futa mouth suck (null reference for morph only found on females)
Updated dependency to be exact as the download will pulling "BJ Deluxe 1" instead of "BJ Deluxe 2"

Hopefully this will prevent confusion
Seems like a simple update, not from a coding POV :p
  • Thumbs will now move out of the way before grabbing and then slide into place. Which makes grabbing a penis from the side much better.
  • Also it's now measuring distance to the closet point on an infinite line who direction is calculated between mid penis and tip. This means when hand is placed above the penis it now closes before touching it. This also means the hand doesn't open and close as it's stroking a cock as it was before. There is a minimum distance to penis mid before this will take effect but it's well before touching a penis.
  • Added some more sliders, in particular to open the mouth more.
  • Added Dildo targetting - way more work for this than it might seem as code was hell bent around people.
Example grabbing.
Missed some logic as I was only testing 1 girl and guy, if you had 2 guys in a scene, only 1 penis would be considered (the last in the loop through the persons in the scene which were male)

Now it works for all penis's for all hands and mouths as it was intended too!
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