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Plugins DiviningLipsAndHands

Inspired from @VRAdultFun https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/hand-animator.3218/

Added some idle finger movement for a more natural look.
Also detects movement of a hand and straightens the fingers. This makes it more realistic as you would normally open your hand when moving it, looks good on a mocap scene and dance scene.
Added hand grabbing and mouth kissing testes
Added Option to allow scene loaded plugin to override session copy or not - override is on by default

Option only appears in session version.

If On and someone adds the plugin to a scene and adjust the settings to match, a running session copy of divininglipsandhands will pause and allow the scene version to morph the scene.
If off, session will override scene and scene version will pause.

The plugin detects where it's been loaded (session or scene) and if there is another version running in the opposite and based on the tick box either enters running state or not.

The plugin will auto create a config file for this. This is only read on scene load or reload of plugin.
Can be found here - > Saves\PluginData\redeyes\divininglipsandhands\config.cfg
Added tit fuck morph by ggGG

NOTE - requires both females hands near nipples and male cock between breasts to activate - any of those moves away and the morph reduces
Fixed issue of Left hand not grabbing boob
Added Toe kissing and tonguing with offsets sliders for toes

Fixed issue with Penis grab any Gender - now works with Stoppers plugin Alternative Futa

It was erroring if you had a female in the scene and it wasn't grabbing the penis.

The option is rename to "Penis Grasp Any Gender"

Note - this disables pussy fingers at present
It was pointed out that the plugin had a memory - hopefully fixed now.
Also Vagina fingers was broken due to missed offset issue - should hopefully be better now. Please shout if this area needs more work.
Add checkbox's for the extra BJ corner morphs so they can be disable for user preference
Fixed issue with user BJ values being set -/+ from expected leading to values not resetting to zero once out of blow job range
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