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This plugin dynamically animates hand morphs on a person depending on the speed of motion and proximity to various body parts. For example she will cup her breasts, or straighten and spread her fingers while swinging her arms around.
Designed originally for dances, the poses have been heavily customised through feedback from VAMTimbo and the plugin now works awesomely with just about any mocap

Hand poses for the following areas : Hands, Chest, Nipples, Butt, V, Upper Thighs, Abs, Side-Abs, Head, Neck, Above Head, Side of Head, Infront of Head

UI contains controls for customizing the amount of pose applied and the effect proximity and motion has on the pose.
You can also select a second person for the hands to react to their body also.
Also contains a toe animation add-on that works really only for standing type scenarios. Uses the hip angle to determine if the foot is flat on the floor, and adjusts the toe angle to compensate (optional)

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Definitely a must have!
A must have for animations and mocaps!
Brilliant! Been waiting for a plugin like this. Great work.
That is great. Thanks.
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