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E-Motion is a mammoth personality plugin to give life to your VAM characters and allow you to interact with them in realtime!

The main purpose of E-Motion is to take care of all idle actions that you might want your character to do, without interfering with the characters pose or animation. This allows you to use E-Motion to bring a static pose to life, or to add reactions to VAM animations or BVH files. You can add E-Motion to pretty much any scene or animation to bring it to life and add a dynamic element to an otherwise static or repeating scene. You can even have two E-Motion characters interact with each other and a third target (say you) for all sorts of fun.

First and foremost E-Motion is built for Virtual Reality, specifically possessing a character in VR and then interacting with another in VAM. The above video is only a glimpse of E-Motion's full capability as all my character does is stand still for 3 minutes. E-Motion will track you in VR, react to you touching them in all the right places and get excited or bored depending on what you do and how you have configured it.

E-Motion can be split into several main features :

Personality Profile - 3 Values (Extraversion, Agreeableness, Stableness) allow control of the whole system via 3 variables for quick adjustments to how your character acts and reacts
Interest System - Tracks a target character or target objects and determines the level of interest in the targets body parts according to proximity, movement speed and vision centeredness
Gaze and Eye Control - Controls the head and eye target positions to look at and follow the main interest and/or glance at a secondary interest
Saccade System - Generates realistic small eye movements when looking at a target
Mood System - Tracks Happiness and Arousal values depending on interaction with the character to adjust reactions/actions
Expression System - Mixes and matches mouth, eyes and eyebrow expressions together to generate facial expressions depending on what is going on and the current mood
Breathing and Sound System - Generates breathing animation and sound effects according to mood
Idle Motion System - Adjusts the upper body and arms via 'Joint Drives' to move the body and arms along with the head for a more complete motion system
Preset System - Allows you to set the default setup of E-Motion, and save and load configurations to make it quick and easy to load in your favorite setup
Auto-Behaviors - Kissing, Sex and Blowjob animation systems that adjusts the facial expression and breathing according to the action being performed. For example with kissing enabled, when leaning to kiss the character will align their lips and make a kissing animation and sound effects. These do not animate the body!

Installation :
Install the VAR file into your AddonPackages folder like all plugins. that should be it!

If you get an error message about a default preset being missing, download and extract this into your VAM installation folder :

Usage :
Select the character you wish to add E-Motion to
Goto the Plugins tab and add a new plugin
Select VRAdultFun.E-Motion from the packages list and then add the script 'EMotion_AddThisOnly'
Click the 'Open Custom UI..' button on the plugin to access E-Motion
Click Load and select one of the included presets to activate E-Motion!
(Note - E-Motions default setup is 'all disabled', adding the plugin without loading a preset will not do anything!)

Tips :
Target - When you have no target selected, E-Motion will default to the window camera (in Desktop) or the VR Headset (in VR). You do not need to select 'Window Camera' as the primary target to get this to work!
Target Settings - If your character or object is not listed in the 'Target Settings' tab, just hide and re-show the tab to update the list!
Possessing - it is HIGHLY recommended you possess a character when interacting with E-Motion rather than using the Window Camera. This gives E-Motion a full body to react to!
Body Motion - This is applied via Joint Drives so as to not mess up animations. Try reducing the position and rotation hold strength on the body to allow the motion system to have more control. This can be done globally via the 'Control and Physics 2' tab on the person
Personal Space - on the Distances and Angles tab is a value 'personal space'. it is important to set this appropriately for your scene and how far the target is away from the E-Motion character. Reactions change depending on how 'into' the personal space the target is.
Desktop Mode - E-Motion works fine in desktop mode but I still suggest you posses the head of a character and have E-Motion react to the full person. This only applies if E-Motion's main focus is the Window but you want full gaze reaction (like glancing at other body parts for example)

E-Motion is incredibly complex and practically every aspect of the plugin is configurable via the User Interface. It has a very steep learning curve with 100+ values that can be modified. The presets will assist you with getting up and running quickly and several are included. It is well worth taking the time to learn all the options in E-Motion to get the most out of it!!

E-Motion is able to react to the following body parts of another person : Head, Lips, Chest, Groin, Left Hand, Right Hand

E-Motion is able to react to the following being touched on themselves by another person : Head, Lips, Left Breast, Right Breast, Butt Cheaks, Groin, Left Hand, Right Hand

E-Motion UI Overview
Feature Controls - Allows you to enable or disable the main features of E-Motion
Look Adjustments - Allows the adjustment of how expressions and smiling is applied to your character. Also adjust physical weight of character to better match your look!
Eye Controls - Control Blinking, Eye Saccade system and Pupil Dialation
Personality Settings - Configure overall Personality, Mood and the speed at which interest/happiness/arousal is gained and lost
Distances and Angles - Configure the limits of the gaze system and random point generation
Gaze Controls - Configure how gaze is applied, the amount of variation, glancing and gaze avoidance (breaking eye contact)
Body Movement Settings - Enable and Configure idle body and arm motions, the amount applied and frequency
Target Settings - Configure the target(s) that the character should be interested in. Can be another character, an object, or the camera (default)

E-Motion 3.0 now has a detailed built in help system that describes what each option on each tab does to help you learn the systems and get the most of out it!
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Amazing work. Really makes the characters come to life. Looking forward to a bright future full of sexy fun with smart E-Motion NPCs :)
Definelty one of the must have plugins. Would be even crazier if users could tie recorded voice lines to different mood states with randomized occurance chance.
In my opinion the most essential plugin available for VaM... Insert in most scenes to get rid of that robot-like & expressionless feel of your characters! I use it in nearly all the scenes I watch. Very highly recommended. (Support this author at his Patreon so he continues to make refinements!)
Just started exploring that plugin. The learning curve is steep, but it is quite fun to explore and quite effective.

AWESOME WORK! I would suggest making a demo scene to deploy with it, so people could see it in full effect (unless there is one and I missed it due to my huge browse folder).

By the way, what model is that toon character that you use in your youtube video!? I really like it! You are talking about a discord server somewhere down the reviews. But what is the name of that server? I looked around but cannot figure out what this server is.
Its called NoOriginalContent. You'll find her in the Completed section. You'll want the overwatch pack, and then SunTzu's modification of D.VA
It's so good!
Really well done. Have not played with it a ton myself, but this has been in some of my favorite scenes, it is really nice.
There are many plugins that try to bring life to a model, created by very talented modders. But none comes even close to this. Amazing work, I hope it will have more releases!
fantastic plug-in, a must have. There are others that do similar things but this one is the best for me. I hope the author continues to innovate on it.
Absolutely phenomenal! This adds so much life and realism to the characters i create, cheers!
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