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Plugins DiviningCleavageAndNipples

Add option to enable/disable smooth transitions when cloth is disble/enable

With smooth transitions on (default) it will constantly be setting the morphs and breasts phyics to zero. With it disabled, it will set them to zero once and then leave them.
Reverting change - quick patch didn't work

Will go away and have a think
If item has breast adjust on and then undress is clicked the cleavage adjust will be turned off. So the act of "removing" the cloth will put the breast back to normal.

Added option to use breast physics as well as 2 default buttons for with/without TittyMagic

TittyMagic uses breast physics, it overrides everything so these are not available to use. So if you're using that then stick to the morph only "without TittyMagic" settings. But if you're not using TittyMagic then you can use breasts physics. The main advantage of this is you have access to up/down settings towhich there is no pose morph available inbuilt.

I do still see cleavage gets stuck on occasions, I believe this is if you reload the plugin, the callbacks get lost. Hard reset sorts the issue out.

Also looking into auto detect tittymagic and having 2 pages of preference for with and without,
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