1. Eugene-E0a80fd8080ff8e

    Guides This guide explains how to debug plugins for VaM with breakpoints, step-by-step execution and variab 0.1

    This guide explains how to debug plugins for VaM with breakpoints, step-by-step execution and variable inspection
  2. GossamerVR

    WIP: Precise Sim Tools (untitled plugin)

    Hello dears, TL;DR: I'm creating a plugin that will give you fine control over sim & undressing. This thread is for updates and feedback on its progress. My scene is at a point where I need to be precise in how clothing is undressed, and I haven't found the tools to do so. This, of course...
  3. GossamerVR

    Plugins Wearable Asset (beta) 2.0 (beta)

    2.0 Update: CUA Collision not yet supported, so the plugin will automatically disable CUA collision for now. ------ Hello Darlings, TLDR: This is a plugin that lets you 'parent' an asset to a joint tightly, while also animating it at the same time, and saving settings as 'poses' you can load...
  4. F

    General newcomer questions on scene workflow, user inputs and mesh deformation

    Newbie here! I'm playing around with making my own scene and features but just wanted to get an understanding of what the general workflow or best practices are for achieving certain goals; as well as some more specific questions. Firstly, is there a tried and tested way to setup...
  5. PluginIdea

    Plugins Mouse Scroll Wheel To Tab Change 1.0

    Following the previous MouseScrollWheelToSlider, I continued to write this plug-in on the advice of my supporters. This greatly improves the convenience of browsing Hair/Cloth/Morphs pages. Maybe it's an essential extension for you. Useage : Add as SessionPlugin, And rolling the mouse...
  6. K

    Plugins PresetLoader 9

    This plugin can load clothes/hair/pose/skin/appearance presets in a specified folder randomly or in order. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update (ver.9): 1) Appearance Presets can now be loaded. The setting function is in the second...
  7. Hunting-Succubus

    Paid Plugins Furr Skin For Furry Beta-1 1

    This Plugin add Furr to Skin, does not impact Performance/FPS like vam's hair system. Curranty in Beta State. Only for Brave Testers. You are Warned. Instruction- 1.Add Plugin - FurrSkinForFurry_Beta_HuntingSuccubus.cs to Person atom. 2.Add at least one Point Light to scene.. 3.If shadow...
  8. mrmr32

    Script that adds a CollisionTrigger that calls the script on collide

    I'm making an script that performs a morph animation when an Atom (called _collider) enters a CollisionTrigger (_collisionBox), but the lack of documentation it's really making it hard. Right now I have all the morphs that should change and the difference for each animation (stored in...
  9. SPQR

    Plugins Inventory v1.0 hub

    Small plugin I made a while ago that makes sticking objects to characters hands a bit easier and more intuitive. No plugin ui and options. There's more i'd like to do with it but I don't think i'll get to do it very soon, other plugins are higher priority, so releasing it as it is in case some...
  10. GossamerVR

    Plugins Morph Filter Plus (Now with Cloth & Hair filters) 8.0

    7.0 Release: You can filter clothes and hair now ;) No regex for them though yet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Darlings, TLDR: I'm verbose <3, you can just add this as a session plugin and go about your day, using a legend for...
  11. C

    Mouth animation plugin?

    Has anyone ever created a plugin that you could add to a model so their mouth opens wider as they approach a penis to suck it, then returns to it's normal closed or semi-closed state when it moves away from a dick? Maybe even smiles a little? If someone creates this I can suggest a name for it...
  12. Captain Varghoss

    Plugins VaMRotator 1

    Simple plugin that can be attached to any atom for constant rotation on any or all axis. Add this plugin to an atom, use the checkboxes to select which axis you want to rotate. Allows adjusting speed and direction as well as rotation relative to local or world space. Control of rotation on all...
  13. V

    Question Generate thumbnails for AssetBundles?

    I have a few dozen AssetBundles, without good descriptive names, and no thumbnail in the VAM dialog. Is there a tool to automatically generate these?
  14. flyroxy

    Paid Scenes Standalone Muscle Manager 1

    Symmetrical Muscle Manager Updated and improved version of the MuslceManager. The package already contains a finished scene for you to try. Please note: The game may freeze for a while when loading a "MuscleControls" Subscene. If you have any issues please DM me on VamHUB, Patreon or our...
  15. C

    Plugins AnimationPoser v0.4

    Original credit goes to HaremLife and MacGruber for all the development work to get the plugin to this point. I'm taking over development to get this thing stable and release it. Consider this resource a beta/pre-release version of the main resource until further notice. A demo scene/tutorial...
  16. SPQR

    Plugins ExtraTriggers v4

    This was a plugin idea that won a poll for a weekly update on my patreon and was made just for that. I'm switching it to free because I know it can help a lot of people here save a lot of time doing their crazy vam machinations. For more vam plugins to be made consider supporting me or other...
  17. miscreatedreality

    Paid Plugins UI Manager 5 5.2

    - Fully dynamic interface. - Lazy UI elements (Created when they are needed!) - Collapsible to save space - Most advanced features hidden deeper down in the UI-tree - Possible to use a shared canvas (New in version 5) - Customizable (Placement, Size, Behavior, Look and Colors) - Used by the...
  18. Pineapler

    Plugins CUA Superglue 1

    Stick your CUAs where they belong! Automatically remove lag from all CUAs attached to Person atoms, such as hair and accessories. Look: Devil Mercy by OniEkohvius (not included) Using this plugin Add the plugin as a Session plugin. One instance is all you need! Any more will cancel out the...
  19. PluginIdea

    Plugins EasyMorph 1.0

    At present, I spend a lot of energy on plug-in development, in order to provide more possibilities for the community. There are many popular plug-ins in my Patreon and they are constantly updated. And I'm also constantly developing new plug-ins. I will also share my progress in real time on my...
  20. JayJayWon

    Plugins BrowserAssist (Free) 1.4

    BrowserAssist is a plugin that provides an alternative browser to VAM's built in Scene Browser. It has a range of features beyond those provided by the default VAM Scene Browser and aims to be more performant. Differences between the free and paid version are: Feature Free Version Patreon's...
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