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  1. H

    Powerblow by Kiiroo on Vam?

    Hi to all of you, I was wondering if anyone tried to use the Powerblow add on by Kiiroo on Vam and, if they did, how? In case no one actually tried it and maybe it’s not even supported by any plugin I’d like to contact a skilled programmer and talk about it. Thank you
  2. Y

    Question Any way to control all Synergy step at once?

    I'm heavily using synergy plugin in my scene. It can produce granular movements, great plugin. But compared to other thrust plugins, (within my understanding), it lacks capability of "Master Slider", to control speed of all movement at once. For example, lets say I made following...
  3. DemonLord

    Plugins SkyboxColor 1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    SkyboxColor is simple plugin to change: "Skybox/Panoramic" "Skybox/Cubemap" "Unlit/Texture" (Skybox/6 Sided) material shader in CUA (.assetbundle) Based on UnityAssetVamifier code from NoStage3 Skybox from video :Day/Night Skyboxes P.S. Yay my first plugin!
  4. redeyes

    Plugins DiviningCleavageAndNipples 7 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    A SESSION/SCENE PLUGIN This session plugin will morph a cleavage and reduce nipple size when an item of clothing with "Adjust Breasts" is added to a girl. NEW - Clicking undress on item of cloth with breast adjust enabled will cancel the cleavage and nipple adjust. Thanks to @everlaster for...
  5. Ruvik

    Plugins CMenu 0.3 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    ** report bugs and suggest features in the discussion tab ** ** make sure you set keybinds with Keybindings ** ## usage ## 1 - add the plugin ( consider adding it as a session plugin) 2- open keybindings plugin UI and search for Ruvik or just open the cmenu plugin UI and press the "Toggle...
  6. U

    Plugins Experimental Ball Physics 2023-08-21 Hub-Hosted VAR FC

    Warnings : this plugin will alter the male figure of your scene. I'm not sure to what extent a modified figure is saved, so keep a backup of the scene BEFORE loading the plugin, in case that something goes wrong and it can't restore the figure to its original state when deactivated. If you save...
  7. Awas

    Plugins AutoJuice 2 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-ND

    This is an Alpha release. It may do weird stuff. What does AutoJuice do? Adds fluids to male and female atoms. Both male and female atoms respond to certain situations with... juice. Male atoms can get a wet Johnson via the usual method. Male atoms gain the ability to ejaculate (trigger...
  8. M

    Plugins Post Processing 7 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    Consider this a beta/early version, there may be bugs, but it's been stable enough for me that I think it's okay to release. I'm actively working on adding more features and fixing issues. If you'd like to support continued development of this and more plugins, consider subscribing to my...
  9. M

    Question How to use realgaze

    Seems to be the best gaze plugin as it allows characters to look at things in mirrors (can any others do this?) But I have a hard time with characters constantly looking off at things like they have ADHD and I've tried tweaking lots of the settings and using targets without much luck. It doesn't...
  10. T

    Plugins Add Subtract Value 1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    First off, Everlaster made this, not me. He gave me permission to do whatever I wanted with it, as he said he had no intention of doing anything with it. He made this in a couple of minutes after I was asking about how to add / subtract a value from something in order to incrementally increase...
  11. GordonShock

    Answered Saving a single plugin parameters to a preset

    I'm not sure why, but some plugins allow saving the parameter's values, while others do not. This is by no means a critique, just an observation. Now, suppose I have plugins A, B, and C, and I use them quite often. I set them all up, go into Plugin Presets and save them. The problem here is ALL...
  12. hazmhox

    Plugins VAMLive 2 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    How to use Open or create a scene. Create a two new empty atoms On the first empty and go in the plugin tab Add the plugin vamlive_camera.cslist On the second empty atom, go in the plugin tab Add the plugin vamlive_screen.cslist What is this ? VAMLive is a plugin that allows you to have one...
  13. projectilevarmint

    Question Would it be possible to have clothes as independent atoms to have clothes laying on the floor, or on a hook?

    Would some sort of 'clothes hanger' plug-in or CUA be possible within VAM? I could see use for having things bunched up on the floor, or wardrobe/setup scenes where you select the item you want from a rack or hook, and being able to lay some clothes out on the bed would be fun while someone's...
  14. Multipass Morphs Updates

    Multipass Morphs Updates

    Almost getting it really perfect
  15. HAL9001

    Plugins Going, Going, Gone 8 CC BY-SA

    This plugin is a remixed/salvaged/refactored version of the numerous plugins and scripts which are "around" that deal with making body parts disappear or transparent. The main difference is that this plugin is less "aggressive" in replacing shaders (= only when transparency or hiding is...
  16. AWWalker

    Paid Plugins Multi Pass Preview Supporter Releases MultiPass V29.P.2

    Genital Multi Pass Plugin Supporter Edition V25.p.1 Tons of customizable morphs | Includes My AWW Custom Morphs Movement aware, fun, sexy and useful! Pose, Automate, Save your gens for each character. Smooth open and close *** Loads of plans to better the genital experience *** *** Sections...
  17. el_gallo

    Answered Make eyes close when camera is close to simulate kissing

    Is there a plug-in to make an atom's eyes close when the camera gets close to simulate kissing? I find that the glance / life plug-ins handle almost everything about the motion of the camera getting close well except that the eyes stay locked open in a dead stare. If they would close, the...
  18. Hunting-Succubus

    Paid Plugins Ambient Occlusion based Eye Shadow 5

    Ambient Occlusion based Eye Shadow CONTACT DISCORD SERVER SUPPORT AT PATREON Next Generation of Eye Shadow based on a Post Processing Effect similar to Ambient Occlusion. Because its is not cloth based effect Morphs will not break this AO Shadows. Eye Rotation will not rotate Shadow which was...
  19. Multi Pass Perfection

    Multi Pass Perfection

  20. kalapada

    Is there a Plugin to easily transition the state of clothing from one value to another?

    Basically what I am trying to accomplish is take a clothing item and have it gradually transition from a defined low Surface Offset to a higher defined Surface offset, but do so gradually so it shows the transformation process, rather than some Plugins that just seems to pop it into place with...
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