1. GordonShock

    Answered Saving a single plugin parameters to a preset

    I'm not sure why, but some plugins allow saving the parameter's values, while others do not. This is by no means a critique, just an observation. Now, suppose I have plugins A, B, and C, and I use them quite often. I set them all up, go into Plugin Presets and save them. The problem here is ALL...
  2. hazmhox

    Plugins VAMLive 2 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    How to use Open or create a scene. Create a two new empty atoms On the first empty and go in the plugin tab Add the plugin vamlive_camera.cslist On the second empty atom, go in the plugin tab Add the plugin vamlive_screen.cslist What is this ? VAMLive is a plugin that allows you to have one...
  3. projectilevarmint

    Question Would it be possible to have clothes as independent atoms to have clothes laying on the floor, or on a hook?

    Would some sort of 'clothes hanger' plug-in or CUA be possible within VAM? I could see use for having things bunched up on the floor, or wardrobe/setup scenes where you select the item you want from a rack or hook, and being able to lay some clothes out on the bed would be fun while someone's...
  4. Multipass Morphs Updates

    Multipass Morphs Updates

    Almost getting it really perfect
  5. HAL9001

    Plugins Going, Going, Gone 5 CC BY-ND

    This plugin is a remixed/salvaged/refactored version of the numerous plugins and scripts which are "around" that deal with making body parts disappear or transparent. The main difference is that this plugin is less "aggressive" in replacing shaders (= only when transparency or hiding is...
  6. AWWalker

    Paid Plugins Multi Pass Preview Supporter Releases 29.P.1

    Genital Multi Pass Plugin Supporter Edition V25.p.1 Tons of customizable morphs | Includes My AWW Custom Morphs Movement aware, fun, sexy and useful! Pose, Automate, Save your gens for each character. Smooth open and close *** Loads of plans to better the genital experience *** *** Sections...
  7. el_gallo

    Answered Make eyes close when camera is close to simulate kissing

    Is there a plug-in to make an atom's eyes close when the camera gets close to simulate kissing? I find that the glance / life plug-ins handle almost everything about the motion of the camera getting close well except that the eyes stay locked open in a dead stare. If they would close, the...
  8. Hunting-Succubus

    Paid Plugins Ambient Occlusion based Eye Shadow 3

    Ambient Occlusion based Eye Shadow CONTACT DISCORD SERVER SUPPORT AT PATREON Next Generation of Eye Shadow based on a Post Processing Effect similar to Ambient Occlusion. Because its is not cloth based effect Morphs will not break this AO Shadows. Eye Rotation will not rotate Shadow which was...
  9. Multi Pass Perfection

    Multi Pass Perfection

  10. vertigoeighty

    Scenes TryOnMaster 1.8b Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    A One Stop Template Showcase that makes use of several fantastic tools, assets, animations and plugins from the VAM community. With this scene, you have the freedom to randomly mix and match your own collection of clothing/hair/pose/appearance presets (ky1001's PresetLoader plugin scans for...
  11. kalapada

    Is there a Plugin to easily transition the state of clothing from one value to another?

    Basically what I am trying to accomplish is take a clothing item and have it gradually transition from a defined low Surface Offset to a higher defined Surface offset, but do so gradually so it shows the transformation process, rather than some Plugins that just seems to pop it into place with...
  12. dankfrank

    Question Plugin to make a CUA glossy?

    Is there a plugin that can let you adjust the glossiness/shininess of a CustomUnityAsset? I'm having trouble finding something like that on here, and I'm stuck with a model who's soaking wet everywhere except her helmet and it just looks awkward. Any help?
  13. B

    Question Make rigged bones static (CUA) ?

    Hello! I am wondering if a plugin exists that lets you disable the physics / anims for specific rigged bones in a CUA. I know about the IK for CUA plugin by imakeboobies and while it is a great plugin it "only" allows you to move bones as far as I can tell. Some CUA Hairs for instance would...
  14. Ruvik

    Plugins PosingHelper 2.01 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    if your get errors, try updating your game inspired by HSPE for honey select this simple plugin lets you mirror legs and arms to the other side as well as in my opinion an easer way to pose any feedback is appreciated. how does it work? 1 - add it to a any thing in the scene ( don't add it...
  15. SPQR

    Plugins VAM Widgets v1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    ABOUT Plugin for WebPanel atoms that allows adding html+css+js code to vam. It's like having small html widgets that are saved within the scene. You can copy the html code like from this quick example, hit Paste in the plugin and you'll have that functionality in...
  16. hazmhox

    Plugins VAMStory 23 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    How to use Open or create a scene. Create a new empty atom Select the empty atom and go in the plugin tab Add one of the plugins from VAMStoryto the atom using: vamstory.cslist ( story and dialogs ) vamstory_actions.cslist ( button, toggle and slider panels/walls ) vamstory_director.cslist (...
  17. M

    Question Lips & Mouth Stuck?

    Hey I'm a Noob at this. I just want to replace the characters in scenes with models I downloaded. I do this by saving their appearance and then loading them into the scene. It works pretty well but a lot of the models I downloaded have their lips stuck or their mouth posed in a way that's...
  18. criuslv

    Question I want a music/sound clip cut plugin。

    I want a plug-in built in VAM that can quickly and conveniently clip music clips,then save them in local folders,。And then use these clips in some specific scene steps. If I use similar software downloaded from the Internet, most of them need to pay or too troublesome,I hope that I can edit...
  19. hazmhox

    Plugins Walls 101 1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    How to use Open or create a scene. Add a Custom Unity Asset Go in the preset tab Load the default preset or a pre-made preset from the package You can find three demo showing the potential of the tile system in HZMDemos. The wall system can be used to: Add details to walls (using the planar...
  20. Ella walls 101

    Ella walls 101

    A shot done with the plugin walls 101 for the background
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