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  1. B

    Coding question: pressing UI button, connected to a Parent atom, from code

    Hello everyone! I want to add a On click-Listener to an UIbutton from my script using the following code: Atom uiButtonAtom = SuperController.singleton.GetAtomByUid(uiButtonName); Transform buttonTransform = uiButtonAtom.transform.Find("reParentObject/object/rescaleObject/Canvas/Button")...
  2. A tribute to elf ears

    Other A tribute to elf ears 3
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Adds physics to elf ears using ClothSkin plugin by Stopper. Only the ear area is affected, the rest of the body is untouched by cloth physics, which is probably why I don't notice any performance hit. The package contains demo scene where you can see the effect of my custom sim texture for the...
  3. AutoSetPresetLocks

    Plugins AutoSetPresetLocks 1
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Session plugin to auto set the preset locks of your choice on all person atoms on loading a scene Thanks to @everlaster for some coding help I was getting annoyed having to set specifically clothing and plugin locks so I could load an appearance and keep the current cloth and plugins on the...
  4. MeshColliderTongue v0.3

    Plugins MeshColliderTongue v0.3 3
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    MeshColliderTongue v0.3 released 20240714 ● performance Improvement (minimize vertices) ● some minor bug fix ※ bug reporting, and reactions and leave a ratings will be of great help in developing plugins. :=) ---------------------------------------- MeshColliderTongue v0.2 released 20240712 ●...
  5. T

    Question Send data between plugins

    I want to make a custom two part plugin to control speed and intensity, with a main handler that sits in your main scene so speed and intensity can be shared consistently between subscenes, and a controller node that sits in subscenes to actually control the speed changes to an animation. Is...
  6. AutoFlutterGenitals v0.2

    Plugins AutoFlutterGenitals v0.2 2
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    AutoFlutterGenitals v0.2 released 20240707 ● The purpose of this plugin is to change the genitals&anus's morph depending on the situation, focusing only on genitals&anus interactions. ● add toggle button, invoke area by body part (ie, R-Hand, L-Hand, R-Foot, L-Foot, Penis) ● fixed bug : some...
  7. Animation Sequence Selector

    Plugins Animation Sequence Selector 1.1
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    A special plugin for my scenes, for controlling separate animations and play them in a custom sequence. Using MacGruber.LogicBricks Utils. I didn't think about it being used by others, and explaining how to use it. But you can check my scenes to understand how it works. (example Succubus night)
  8. sevenseason

    a free CC-BY cum plugin

    anyone know a good cum plugin similar to https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/autojuice.37541/ for a creator such as myself 😁
  9. Grab Sphere Control

    Plugins Grab Sphere Control 1
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    A small plugin that lets you set the vertex that a cloth grab sphere is attached to. Should persist through scene save/load. Usage Add plugin to a ClothGrabSphere object Select the person, clothing, and vertex
  10. FogSphere

    Assets FogSphere 1
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    Overview: I was in need for some fog for a mountain scene and tried to fiddle with the fog settings of the Unity camera, but to no avail. The next best thing would be a bunch of spheres with a transparent fog texture around the camera, so that is how this Asset/Plugin combo came into being. It...
  11. HidePubes (Session Plugin)

    Plugins HidePubes (Session Plugin) 3
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    This session plugin aims to solve the issue of pubic hair clipping through shorts, underwear, etc. on models. It achieves this by modifying the sim settings for the hair when clothing items are toggled. INSTRUCTIONS Install as a session plugin. Be sure to save as a new default. Add the...
  12. Glowtime

    Plugins Glowtime 1
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Overview: This plugin can be attached to almost any Atom (Exception: Person) that has a Mesh and make it glow by swapping the shader with an Emissive one. This plugin only works when Glow is enabled in the Preferences! (And it works even better with PostProcessing plugins such as MacGruber's.)...
  13. C

    LFE.HeightMeasurePlugin - Need alternate formula to calculate bust size.

    I've been using LFE.HeightMeasurePlugin, but think that it could be improved if there was an option to calculate the breast size by cubic centimeters instead of (bust size- band size). Can anyone figure out how to calculate the breast size based on cubic centimeters instead of (bust size -...
  14. [Experimental] Hair Grab Sphere

    Plugins [Experimental] Hair Grab Sphere 2
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    This is an early beta and there's a lot of tinkering still left to do, but I figured I might as well release what I have for people to play with. Usage Add to a Person atom. A sphere should spawn behind the head. Position it as needed. It is invisible by default. Press Grab Move the...
  15. SynchronousMoving v0.2

    Plugins SynchronousMoving v0.2 2
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    14mhz.Plugin-SynchronousMoving v0.2 ● fixed some minor bugs ● change default shpere size 0.3f to 0.2f ● when using sphere, store each synch-atoms's collision state - automatically save collision state, on click [Build Sync Sphere] or keyborad shortcut - automatically restore collision...
  16. G

    Plugins by fixing pose

    When loading a custom look scene, the pose logic is often broken. Is there an equivalent to Fix pose Vamx plugin for non-Vamx scenes?
  17. D

    Quest 3 AR - Transparent walls

    Hi, using quest 3 with AR, is really good. But wondering if there is a plugin or a way to "create a room" so the character is not visible through the walls at home. A kind of transparent wall for the field of vision so that characters can walk through doors, for example. You can build normal...
  18. OVLrange

    Plugins OVLrange 2024-04-21
    Hub-Hosted VAR FC

    For hazmhox's VAMOverlays The text display position extends mainly in the vertical direction. When the display location is set to the bottom or top, it is slightly closer to the edge. There is a toggle button in the UI, which expands to the point where it is no longer visible on the desktop...
  19. Hair Plugins

    Guides Hair Plugins

    What is a "Hair Plugin"? It turns out that you can trick VAM into loading plugins when a hair is put on. These plugins don't go into the default Atom plugin UIs and are generally their own separate thing. Hair Plugins are very similar to Clothing Plugins and I recommend going through that guide...
  20. CUA Clothing

    Plugins CUA Clothing 3
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    This plugin allows CUAs to be loaded when clothing is put on. The CUA can be attached to bones, skin, or the loaded clothing item, similar to https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/attach-to-vertex.45482/ Usage If you haven't worked with clothing plugins before, please look over the overall guide...
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