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Plugins UnityAssetVamifier 20

First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 10 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Version 20 included in VAM 1.20+

    Some might already have seen it. UnityAssetVamifier is now included in VAM 1.20+ by default. I'm...

Latest reviews

The best plugin ever!
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Just wanted to say this plug in is amazing! I utilize this on so many scenes with my custom assets. Thanks!
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thx this so awesome !!!
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Hey Nostage, I'm all about atmosphere so this is one of my favorite plugins. I have a request though:

Sometimes in a scene I need to disable one environment and load another. I do this but usually parenting atoms to a subscene or another atom. when i do so and those child atoms have a unityassetvamiifier on them, several things break:

the scene becomes 100% lit and stays that way even after the atom containing the CUAvamifiers is turned off.

is there a quick code fix you could make for this? I tried following the code myself and couldn't figure it out.
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Without this, custom assets do not look right. They might for a second, but touch the lighting/exposure and everything breaks. Not with this plugin.
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This will change the way Custom Unity Assets looks like dramatically (at cost of some performance). One of my personal "must have" plugins.
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To put it in simple words, without this plugin custom unity assets just don't look good :)
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Great for creating screenshots with certain assets!
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Great plugin. Unity Assets typically don't allow for matching shadow softness, etc, but with this, you can match objects to scenes.
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Just started to used that a few days ago thanks to meshedvr. This is really great when you create custom assets that are not relying on VaM's shader.
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