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  • I am totally lost in the world of Zenith VR. Level 21 after three days. My brain is about to explode ;) . Please apologize me to not answer all and every question the same way I did before.
    Oh boy, Zenith VR will eat up most of my free VR time the next weeks. Amazing new game.

    is this something good entire new ?

    Subsurface Scattering Skin


    What is this? Do you have any idea?

    And if i get this what about the GENS ?
    How to get SSS Genital Textures ?

    And wait

    17,50 EURO for a BETA "Skin" ?

    This is unbelievable.
    The VAM Creators are really getting weird more and more here ;)
    No wonder all their content is pirated if they behave like Luke Ross and the "Red Dead Redemption 2 Real VR Mod" "Early Access 15 Updates in 3 months needed Sellout.

    Hi, Lione.
    SSS is a technique to make skin looks more realistic and "next gen". If you place a light in front of a figure, the light seems to be scattered in the surface, if you place it behind a figure, the ears, or fingers or other thin body parts will look a bit transparent. Like you will hold your hand against the sun and it shines partially through. AFAIK VaM 2.0 will have this feature as a part of the new next-gen rendering pipeline.
    SSS is a long used technique with DAZ figures. There are many skins with an additional SSS-map even G2. With SSS activated, the skin looks a bit translucent and those underlying SSS-map is "shining through", or better it will tint the skin in those regions if the light is scattered in the object and makes it look more or less transparent.
    That plugin from Hunting Succubus is indeed a work of a genius. It seems that he has activated some hidden features or somehow injected a new skin shader into VaM, something that is far over my head. I might be totally wrong, but as far as I could see, he doesn't uses a SSS-map, but a solid color (like current VaM uses this in a way, too) plus that translucent skin shader. So you might not worry about getting SSS-maps (I guess all skin parts including gens will look like this). Without a SSS-map, the skin looks a bit artificial too me like solid silicone without bones or venes and stuff. But it is definitely a new look and has a realy nice effect. If it is worth the money or if you better wait for VaM 2.0 is up to you.
    PS having a second look, it seems to me like he maybe has make a clever use of his "glass body" and transparency instead of scattering.
    Hey you two! No SSS map functionality yet, but HS did mention that it's being worked on and will be in a future release. My guess will be that as long as the UV matches, you can use any off the shelf G2F SSS map. To TToby's point, many are out there. If it behaves anything like DAZ, and we get the ability to to have more control over when the SSS is applied (i.e. you don't want it everywhere, necessarily), it will be a welcome addition.

    I also wanted to address your last comment regarding creator behavior and the price for the " Bleeding Edge MADNESS " Tier. While I agree that some of the creators around do behave like this, I don't see HS as one of them. They have their Patreon set-up up in one of the most flexible ways I've seen, with a wide range of Tiers available, starting a $1/month, depending on your level of interest in what they do and what you can afford. The SSS plugin seems highly experimental (and a pain in the ass, from what I understand) so yes, it's locked behind a pricier Tier. :) I have no affiliation with HS, but I am a Patron and have some really positive experiences with them.

    With some of the unknowns about VAM 2.0 (which I'm stoked about), for me, it's refreshing to see creators pushing the limits of what VAM 1.x can offer with innovation. As many have said before, when 2.x releases, we will still need to wait a substantial time period before we have a similar database of content.

    Anyhow, that's my two cents!

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