[Experimental] Cloth CUA

Plugins [Experimental] Cloth CUA

Adds cloth physics to CUAs and built-in props.

Note: This is still pretty early in its development. Ping me if you find bugs not listed below. 🙏

  1. Add to CUA or built-in item.
  2. Select mesh from list.
  3. Press "Create Cloth"
  4. Configure as needed

Bugs / Missing Features
  • Saving/Loading from scene doesn't work
    • This and presets will be added later
  • Cloth sim needs to be generated each time
  • Scaling the main item doesn't work
  • Can only use use a uniform sim texture. No per-material sim textures
  • Syncing material settings needs to be done manually via a button
  • Not all unity material shaders will work well. May lose textures.

Total Size
0.01 MB
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 15 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Fix for scale bug. Adding nearby vertex pass

    Fixed issue with scale settings Should prevent cloth from being oversized and messing up...
  2. Fixed cloth being offset

    Cloth skin is now parented to the same object as the original mesh renderer Should fix...
  3. Save/Load for geometry. Preset Support

    Added logic to save and restore geometry so that it doesn't have to be recreated each time...

Latest reviews

A video preview with an Elfette... Best preview ever <3 <3 <3 <3
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This is very promising! I tried it already on a chair, where the model could naturaly sinck into (after some tweeking with the parameteres). Next will be some beds, pillows, toys, ...
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Finally gave it a try. Even in experimental state, it works amazing. I can see this becoming really good in future updates. You Stoppper, are a diamond in the VAM community. Can't wait for your future work.
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WTF. this is insane
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What the hell is that demon doing?! Amazing work!

Wouldn't you like to try to make the character controls like in an FPS/TPS game? =)
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wow ! I was just bringing up this idea to Atani about having his hair surface tool working with cloth.. and then you somehow already beat him to it!

This is crazy stuff! VAM2 is going to have a hard time competing with what's been done in VAM1. 😲😲😲
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You let me know what's really cool. Great plugin!
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Innovative much? F*** yeah you are, damn un-stopper-able!
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the wisard is back :D
all your plugins are WOW.
this one promise a lot
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Are U Comedy Me?
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