1. PluginIdea

    Assets CUA Material Package 1.0

    This is the CUA sample material package.
  2. L

    Question error using multiple assetbundles created in unity

    Hello, i'm having an error in Vam, that every time I try to load more than one assetbundle that I created in unity, only the first one works, when I load the second one I get an error "No valid". the strange thing is that the others assetbundles from the community works in the same scene...
  3. Z

    Assets Posable and animatable Alien Tentacle 2

    A posable and animatable tentacle CUA, you need to use the IKCUA plugin by imakeboobies to play around with it. Attention shoppers: does not contain any demo scene ! (Still working on one, also this CUA is v1, will add more variants of tentacles).
  4. dankfrank

    Question Plugin to make a CUA glossy?

    Is there a plugin that can let you adjust the glossiness/shininess of a CustomUnityAsset? I'm having trouble finding something like that on here, and I'm stuck with a model who's soaking wet everywhere except her helmet and it just looks awkward. Any help?
  5. B

    Question Make rigged bones static (CUA) ?

    Hello! I am wondering if a plugin exists that lets you disable the physics / anims for specific rigged bones in a CUA. I know about the IK for CUA plugin by imakeboobies and while it is a great plugin it "only" allows you to move bones as far as I can tell. Some CUA Hairs for instance would...
  6. A

    Creating Rigged Humanoid CUA

    Hello, I'd like to create CUA's with rigs that are animated, similar to I have struggled trying to follow the CUA guides and applying it to an animated character as I intend to do. Please let me know any steps or link any guides that...
  7. hazmhox

    Assets Space Force Enviro 01 1

    How to use Grab the last version of HZMDemos Load any of the scenes contained in the folder named SpaceforceEnviro01 OR Create a new scene Populate your scene with the assets contained in the package About Space Force Enviro is a huge collection of assets meant to be set in Space Force's...
  8. hazmhox

    Plugins Walls 101 1

    How to use Open or create a scene. Add a Custom Unity Asset Go in the preset tab Load the default preset or a pre-made preset from the package You can find three demo showing the potential of the tile system in HZMDemos. The wall system can be used to: Add details to walls (using the planar...
  9. hazmhox

    Guides A guide to updating vars and plugins

    Intro VaM helps you to easily download and use content from the hub. But it hardly helps you to understand how to update your scenes properly when you are a creator. This issue has been discussed several times about different plugins in the forums, discussions or discord, but has never been...
  10. PluginIdea

    Scenes CUA Animation Controller Demo 1.21

    It's just a CUA Animation Controller Demo.
  11. PluginIdea

    Plugins CUA Animations Controller 1.2

    (Important) Description of Player Edition: The Player Edition has complete functions and does not affect the normal use effect. In other words, for example, a creator used this plug-in to create a scene for players to play. Players only need to download this Player Edition to experience all the...
  12. B

    Rabbit Ears + Physics

    I made this CUA that contains its bones, I would like it to have physics so that it moves a little more naturally, I couldn't do it with the IK_Effector, the final bones are stiff, any ideas or another method?
  13. K

    Plugins CUA Thumbnail Helper 4

    Updates (ver.4): Enabled to filter by Creator name of var. This allows you to quickly select a specific author's assetbundle. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There were many Assetbundles without images, and I was in...
  14. Juno

    Looks Camille 2

    🪄🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻ᑕᗩᗰIᒪᒪE👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃🪄 Spooky time has come round again and here is my contribution for Vam🎃ween!! Included in the Var are: Witch cosplay Camille in a extra special Spooky scene Supermodel Camille in one of my studio scenes inc light rig Hand painted makeup texture featuring VL_13 eyeliner...
  15. Vanredravend

    Scenes Sci Fi Future Apartment #9 v1.0

    Another FREE CUA and Scene , a Streamlined Revision of My first Cyberpunk Apartment. Baked Lighting and Animated Door with buttons. Thanks to both: Chase81 for the glass asset help! ;) and JustLooking ForNothin For the Tutorial on his Youtube about CUA : VAM-CUA-Tutorial Once again these CUA...
  16. MostVerticalPrimate

    Guides MVP's guide to CUA Manager

    Don't you just hate it when you spend your hard earned money on large breasted women for VAM, and when you try to load them in a scene getting piped, they end up looking like Walter White? It seems fruitless, like you wasted your money. But thankfully there's an answer to all of this. And I'm...
  17. venkman

    Assets 550 Central Park West (Spook Central) [CUA] 1

    This is a nearly 100% remake of the other Zuul asset. Why, you may ask? Well, for starters...I created the WHOLE 22nd floor. And not just eyeballing stuff and guessing like I did for the first asset, but this is all more or less EXACTLY to scale. I found the blueprints for the original set, and...
  18. C

    Question CUA as hair with cloth physics! How?

    Hi! I'v created CUA hair using blender and Unity. And in Unity i am added a Cloth component to my hair object and in Unity it works as expected like a living hair with physics. But when i import that CUA to VAM it is static! How to do this proper? Or it's unposible?
  19. Xstatic

    Assets Horrors and Bob 1

    A collection of around 30 creepy creatures for adding atmoshpere to scenes. Most are animated a few have multiple animations like idle and walk. Most do not having physics im not sure how to add them to animated things it doesnt work the same as it does on stationary objects...
  20. OovoIV

    Question Animated deforming geo in Asset Bundle

    Hi all, I've been coming back to this problem for a few months and keep hitting a wall. I have minimal experience in Unity but have been able to create CUAs for VAM of both static geometry and animated rigs. I cannot work out how to do the same for animated deforming geo. I have tried...
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