Plugins WindControl+

Enhanced version of the wind plugin included in VAM

Additional functionalities:
-Wind can affect all cloths, hair and colliders at once for a single character
-Added a single slider (Wind strength) to handle all the other variables
-Added lower magnitude coefficient to change the range for the wind magnitude depending on the wind strength
-Each single body collider can be enabled/disabled
-each collider has a mobility factor to determine how strong the wind can push on it
-added a slider (Avatar mobility) to change the mobility for all the colliders at once
-added buttons to enable/disable all colliders
-added buttons to save colliders presets (enabled colliders and the relative coefficient)

The bundle includes:
-WindControl_directional.cs //script to add directional wind, the direction follows the blue axis of an atom
-WindControl_radial.cs //script to add radial wind, attached atom will suck/blow the wind radially
-WindControl+Demo //demo scene for the plugin

Plugin interface:


-Left Column:

Atom - drop down to select the character atom on which the wind should blow
Affect Avatar - Wind affects the character rigidbodies
Affect Cloth/Hair - Wind affects clothes and hair
Wind Strength - Main slider, determines the avg. wind strength
Current Magnitude - non editable, shows the actual current wind speed
Lower Magnitute Coeff - Value that determines the range between lower and upper magnitude, it goes from -(Wind Strength) to (Wind Strength)
Lower Magnitude - non editable, shows the current lower magnitude depending on wind strength and lower magnitude coefficient.
Wind dir Turbulence - determines how much the actual wind direction changes from the fixed wind direction
Avatar Mobility - determines how much the wind force affects the character rigiddbodies
Enable Main Colliders - Enables only some colliders for a basic effect
Disable all colliders - Disables all colliders
Enable all colliders - Enables all colliders, blowing away scenes
Reset all colliders Values - Resets each collider coefficient to defaults
Save/Load Colliders Presets - Save/Load the current configured colliders to file

-Right Column:
List of all the rigidbodies available, each one has a check and a slider
The check enables/disables the rigidbody, the slider changes its coefficient

I recommend setting to Lock the controllers that should not move and to Off the ones that should move freely.

Here's a playlist with some demos of the plugin
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Latest updates

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  2. Update 1.5

    - Fixes issue with preset load - Fixes force on clothes when plugin is removed and disabled or...
  3. WindControl+ 1.4

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Very cool.
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It looks great, but I cant make it work :/
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amazing plugin that adds so much life to a still scene!
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excellent plugin, but im wondering, how do you make the sliders work everytime i try it it doesnt link to the wind strengh?
Hi, for starters you need to select the target atoms and check what to affect, then the wind strength slider should work. could you send me a screen of your config{
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Is it possible to make it work with CUA ?
I'm working on a version that detects automatically all the rigidbodies in an object, should work with CUA too
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A must have plugin for stormy, under water and/or magical scenes. Thank you!
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Very cool!
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Amazing effect! this gives me beauty & feelings in my scene and I thank you for sharing it!
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Genius plugin! Works like a charm and has loads of options to adjust the wind to your liking!
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One of the great plugins, can I quote? Thank you very much!
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