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AshAuryn's Sexpressions (174 morphs) (Legacy)

Morphs AshAuryn's Sexpressions (174 morphs) (Legacy) 5


Sexpressions was my first work and included 174 facial expression pose morphs to bring your model alive during sex scenes.

NEW FOR 2023

I have taken my original work (seen at the bottom of this post) and updated and improved all 174 morphs (see below). I have also included 114 additional "plugin-friendly" alternate versions which work well with plugins that use the "mouth open" morph to simulate breathing and moaning.

All total, with the original morphs, there are 462 morphs! I have also included a Plugin Preset for @MacGruber 's Life and @ClockwiseSilver 's Silver Expression Tool plugins. (see video demo below). These plugins are helpful but not required to use the expressions in your scene.

If you enjoy this and other content I have made, please support me on Patreon so that I can continue! https://www.patreon.com/ashauryn

Expressions can be found in the morphs tab under categories Pose/Head/Expressions/AshAuryn/Sex and AshAuryn/Expressions/Legacy2.0/Sex

Plugin Preset Demo Vid:

174 New Versions for 2023:


Alternate "Plugin Friendly" Versions (showing normal and with the "mouth open" morph applied):


Screenshot of some of the original 174 Morphs:

First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 5 ratings

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Click the links below to support the other creators whose content was used to make this resource!

Latest updates

  1. Minor update to correct file structure for users who have preload disabled

    Correct file structure for legacy morphs for users who have preload disabled
  2. Fix for errors caused by Version 3 Update, as well as 288 new and updated morphs.

    There are two packs in this release. The first reverses changes I made in version 3 that caused...
  3. Working on a fix for errors in version 3 update

    It has come to my attention that the most recent update has caused errors when loading content...

Latest reviews

Thank you for your excellent work as always Ash! <3
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There is a presets of them? or i need to manualy active them with sliders?
These morphs require manual activation. I may release a version with presets in the future. Thank you for your review!
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These expressions are IMHO the bread and butter of any realistic sex scene
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Must have if you're animating or posing and need some easy variations on the face of your characters.
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