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Silver Expression Tool

Plugins Silver Expression Tool

Silver Expression Tool cycles through 2 independent series of expressions in random order. Presets can be saved to quickly call up your favorite bank of expressions. Animating two different expressions on different timescales minimizes the obvious repetition of the same looks and makes for a bit more natural variety.

(For additional awesomeness, check out Silver Expression Tool PLUS!)

To use the script, add SilverExpressionTool.cslist to your character's plugin tab (be sure to use the .cslist, NOT the .cs :) ). Add expressions to each section, either by selecting them from the dropdown, or by applying them in your morphs tab and then using the "Add Active" button (which is great if, like me, you have tons of expressions).

You will need at least 3 expressions in each section. Avoid using the same expression in both sections. Avoid using formula expressions that drive other parameters. (If expressions jump or appear jerky, it's likely one of these two things happened).

Special thanks to Physis for the JSON save/load process!

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Latest updates

  1. Fixed timing error.

    Fixed timing error.
  2. Quick Fix

    Rolling back a small change that caused expressions to return to zero before advancing to the next.
  3. Performance Improvements and Saved Settings

    I've made some updates to try and improve performance. There is a performance cost when adjust...

Latest reviews

Adds life to characters
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best tool for me, cause I have max control of expressions I like, thank you!
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Would love if it would remember my settings when I load the scene. But other than that, for a free tool, we get more than we bargained for. I seriously can't imagine what monstrosity I'd have to set up manually to get the same effect if not for Silver Expressions.
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!> Exception caught: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at ClockwiseSilver.ExpressionToolPlus.Init () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
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Nice one. Brings more life to a person and is supereasy to handle. Thank you!
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Great for making random expresssions !!
Thanks for this!
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great plugin. very useful. thanks.
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Absolutely essential for every scene. But what determines which morphs appear in the drop-down list?
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As always CS you do awesome things, keep it up!
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must have, thanks!
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