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Put kemenate.Decals.5.var into VAM/AssetPackages. Go to the skin texture tab and select the package from the sidebar. Contents:
  • 25 Kohl style make up decals. They are only dark eyeliner without colorful eye shadow or other make up and work on darker skin, too. 17 were originally painted for female, 6 were for male. They are now perfectly converted for both.
  • 2 Facepaints that are also basically dark: Vikinguyliner and Ronin Mage.
  • 4 beard shade decals that can be loaded additionally to beard hairstyles or just standalone as a cheap stubble texture
  • 2 fake eye shade decals. Under certain light conditions they work well to fake deep eyesockets
  • 1 nostril shade: Some skins have nostrils that are plain bright. With this you can fake ambient occlusion and make them darker.
  • 10 male genital redness decals based on the Base Male Texture

Except for the Gens they are 100% unisex, so beards work on females too, make up works on male (and therefore Futa).

They are made for the BASE FEMALE / MALE UVs (that also covers the Ren skins). They do work less well on a couple of other UV sets and on some they don't work at all.

I also recommend to use chokaphi's Decal Maker Plugin. They should work and make a good eye liner layer. However I will look into making a full, modular set of make-up parts at some point.

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Some of my favorite subtle eyeliners to use, and thank you for making it unisex, you're the best <3
Excellent decals <3 Really beautiful eyeliner and shadows, thank you for sharing
I have been using eyeliners from this pack on every character for the year and a half I have been creating them, fantastic decal!
There is some excellent make up & eye-liner in this pack.
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