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  1. rernat

    Textures Lara Skin Texture Pack 2023-01-07

    Skin texture pack with various presets and MakeUp-Decals for casual and gothic styles. Contains light and heavy freckled presets, different shiny regions presets, 2 skin tones and more. Choose from the skin presets from the skin preset section. You may add one of the MakeUps as decals at the...
  2. JibsGibbly

    Paid Looks Avelina 1

    Most of my releases will include unique textures and custom morphs that are hand-sculpted specially for each model. List of dependencies and credits: AshAuryn.Pose_Tools AshAuryn.Sexpressions Blazedust.Script_ColorScale ddaamm.ddaamm_long4 Hunting-Succubus.Enhanced_Eyes...
  3. rernat

    Textures Riddler Skin2b Edits 3

    This pack contains 2 Skin texture presets based on Riddlers SkinTextureSet 2b. I edited 2 different types of eyebrows, made adjustment to the overall skin tones and created makeups. I also compressed some of the texture files where possible...
  4. VRDollz

    Paid Clothing Fluid SIM Tears & Wet Messy Makeup Eyes Clothing & Presets 1

    📂VRDollz.VRD_Fluid_Tears.1.var 💧3 Fluid Tear SIM clothing items with 5 Custom Presets each 💧 10 Crying Clothing Presets 📂VRDollz.VRD_Makeup_Eyes_Messy.1.var ✒1 Makeup Messy Mascara with 3 Custom Presets 📂VRDollz.VRD_Messy_Tears_Presets.1.var 💧4 Messy Crying Clothing Presets Customized...
  5. rernat

    Clothing Eyeglitter 2022-06-21

    Just my version of eyeglitter make up with heart shapes. Original idea by MonsterShinkai
  6. rernat

    Clothing Smeared MakeUp as Cloth 2022-06-17

    I sometimes use face decal textures for messy makeups. But often I dont want to replace the already applied decal texture. This also fits better to my actual scene workflow. So I tried to make a messy make up as cloth. And it did work. As you can see it even doesn't effect the glitter-make-up...
  7. MonsterShinkai

    Clothing Eye Glitter 2

    There are 10 presets. Effectiveness depends on light angle. Adjust specular, gloss and color as you desire. Update Version 2: Thanks to @VRDollz for the bump map idea then literally giving me the bump map to use. I also fine tuned it with smaller speckles, gave it the prism color effect and...
  8. bigcsar

    Textures MakeupxFemaleFuta 3

    Hey there! I hope you like it. The makeup for Futa Looks is not 100% accurate. Looks:
  9. Juno

    Looks Kerry 2

    🌺🌺🌸🌸Kerry - Springtime banner girl🌸🌸🌺🌺 CC_BY_NC_SA Hi all, its been a while since I last upped a model to the hub and this one is Kerry🌹 created for the Springtime model contest. Hopefully you'll find the other models released by the other talented creators who entered the contest too. Love...
  10. rernat

    Paid Looks Vicky 2022-02-20

    Today I have this look for you. She is inspired by an austrian Crystal-IT-Girl. While i made this look available for free I have in this pack additional extra make up textures. This textures are decals so if you like them you may use them on other looks which are based on the "base female"-UV...
  11. rernat

    Paid Looks Hazel 2021-11-20

    The pack contains 6 appearance presets (make-ups) and a lovely idle animated scene where you can easily switch those 6 appearances. Tell me if you like the look and which make up you prefer on hazel! :)
  12. bigcsar

    Textures MFF - Makeup for futa 2021-11-07

    Hey! At the moment only 2 textures, let me know any problems.
  13. rernat

    Textures Manga Cosplay make-up 02

    Yesterday I visited an Anime Manga Convention and saw tons of cosplayers. I took alot of inspiration and decided to create such a manga imitating make-up I saw. The pack contains this new cosplay make-up texture (4 versions, also with a small cat tattoo). You may try to use it on different...
  14. rernat

    Looks Julia (light) 2021-10-21

    Luxury vamp inspired by an insta girl. Pack contains 2 make-ups with glossy lips. And the gens looks wet as well. Pack contains a scene to browse the make-ups and the 2 appearence presets. Switch the make-ups within the animated scene or load the appearance presets to your own sscenes. There...
  15. rernat

    Paid Looks Julia 2021-10-21

    Luxury vamp inspired by an insta girl. Pack contains 5 make-ups with glossy lips. A scene to browse the make-ups and all 5 appearance prersets. Btw. the gens got a wet look too. Which make-up do you prefer? There will be a free version with only 2 of the mnake-uped presets. Original skin...
  16. AmineKunai

    Paid Textures Customizable Makeup Pack 01 - 4 Styles, 13 Decals 2021-09-01

    Wow, that was a unique experiment! And now I'm ready to present you the first Makeup Pack! Ask any questions you want about this pack and leave your opinions. I need the feedback to see does it work properly or the tutorial is clear, thanks! Makeup Pack 01 offers you a variety of cute makeup...
  17. FireByrd

    Paid Textures Big Futa Makeup Decal Pack - 34 Variations! 1

    This is a big collection of almost all of the futa makeup I've made so far, all in one sorted place! I've also tweaked some of my older makeup options so they look cleaner at high resolution. Also, there is a "modular" section that has the various parts so you can mix and either yourself in...
  18. AmineKunai

    Paid Textures 5 Smeared Mascara Decals 2021-02-09

    Here are 5 decals with smeared mascara for your dirty scenes! Have fun and if you want more decals on body - I will try to implement it as clothes so you can use several of them. To apply Decal go to the Skin Texture tab, and select it on Face groups of Decals.
  19. FireByrd

    Textures Female Makeup Texture Pack 1 1

    Five makeup decals (Red/Yellow, Purple, Blue & Purple, Grey & Red, and Goth)
  20. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing Face Fluids Pack 2020-11-10

    Face Fluids Pack! Here you can find: 4 Saliva on face (3 of them are simmed) 2 Saliva in mouth 2 types of tears 4 presets of smeared masacra (4 presets in one item) As you can see, this is the fisrt pack for face fluids, because I want to add some man's fluids on the face in future, so the...
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