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Hello! These are the first five tutorials in a series I've been working on to help beginners learn Timeline. The videos combined are just under an hour and are all located on this page. There is a supplementary var file and zip file as optional downloads. The var file has each of the five scenes used in their respective tutorial video in its completed state for you to review if you wish. The var file is not necessary to learn the basics, but it might be helpful for some people who prefer a hands on approach. Unfortunately for you, the videos are fully voiced by me (sorry about that). I find that it's much easier to learn when I can listen and watch rather than trying to read onscreen text and see what's going on.

For a copy of the keybinds zip file either click here, or go to the History section of this resource, hit download next to version 1, then choose

I started in a different way than most other tutorials that I found. I decided to start with the question I get asked the most on the hub and discord, which is how to animate transitions between multiple pose presets. Parts 1 & 2 are about 9 minutes each and they cover that as well as node keyframing and several tips and tricks that can save time or just help with animating in general. Part 3 is about 15 minutes long and covers sequencing animations, both linear and random. It may sound like a leap from the first two tutorial videos, but I think you'll find that it makes a lot of sense to learn this way. Part 4 covers best practices/tips for using Timeline triggers. Part 5 covers the basics of animating sex using a blowjob animation to show many of the features learned up to that point. I hope you find these to be useful! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or suggestions!

Below you will see a screenshot showing the hotkeys that I have setup for Timeline and you'll see me use them a lot in the videos. You can download Keybinds here:

You can replicate them from the image below, or extract the keybindings file located in the (included in downloads) to VaM\Saves\PluginData\Keybindings, then use the import button in the plugin. I recommend adding it to your session plugins and saving as default so you'll always have it available :)

TL;DR: Timeline Tutorial - Videos below

Part 1: Animating Poses (the audio gets better after this video I promise)

Part 2: Animating Poses

Part 3: Sequencing Animations

Part 4: Timeline Triggers

Part 5: Animating Sexy Time

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Questions or suggestions are welcome either here or on discord :)

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Quality tutorial videos! Highly recommended!

Even if not an animator, knowing how timeline works helps to modify existing scenes, or reuse animations, randomize them, trigger things, etc... I knew timeline was powerful, but always pushed back learning it. Regret that now.

Btw, your voice is very pleasant. Easy and clear to understand and English is not my native language.
Concise and packed with information! The best timeline tutorial I've ever seen. Can't wait to see the next part!
Thanks so much for reviewing! Glad you found them helpful :)
Nice work!
Thank you, pogdaddy! :)
I wrote Ascorad a DM in discord and he was so helpful!
He referenced me to this guide which made me learn in 30 mins but I've been struggling with for at least 10 hours.
Massive thanks for this my guy!!
Glad you found these helpful, thanks so much for reviewing! :)
One of the most useful posts ever made. Thanks!
Thank you! And thank you for reviewing! Glad you liked it :)
Thank you for the guide!
You're very welcome, pikachu!
Anyone that puts in time for a tutorial to share with the community is super cool. Cheers for making these.
Thanks so much DasBoot! The way I see it, the more people out there animating, the more great content we all have to enjoy :) Cheers back at you!
Good guide, was wanting something like this.
Thank you! :)
very useful
Glad to hear it! :)
like this Tutorials
Thank you! :)
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