1. C

    Scenes AnimationPoser Tutorials v0.3

    This resource is a handful of scenes designed to teach you how to use haremlife's AnimationPoser. This is very much a work in progress and is currently quite minimal. So far, there are only tutorials for: 1. The basics: what is animationposer? How do I get started with the least amount of info...
  2. SPQR

    Guides Easy & quick music videos made with VaM

    original post: https://www.patreon.com/posts/guide-easy-quick-69504160 example video: Difficulty: easy Time: ~1 hour for a 30 seconds clip Doing animations in VAM is very complicated and I'm sure it puts off a lot of people who would love to do more creative stuff with their models...
  3. hazmhox

    Guides The definitive asset creation tutorial for VaM

    The definitive asset creation tutorial for VaM Introduction This guide is a set of information, tips, tricks and suggestions to easily build new Custom Unity Assets for VaM and also, first and foremost, avoid mistakes and optimize your content. It is the result of years of creating content...
  4. Mr.CadillacV8

    Guides Animation prozess with Timeline

    In this tutorial I have a larger animation that I recorded at work. You will learn how to do it with Timeline works and also combines some other plugins. Main topics: Post-processing of the mocap data. Add multiple animation to a sequence. Create triggers for clothing. Link to Part1 Link to...
  5. hazmhox

    Scenes HZM Demos 12

    A collection of demos showing some of my assets, implementations plugins, or ideas. How to use Download (including all dependencies) Load a scene and enjoy ! What is this ? These are (kinda) simple demos of several assets and plugins of mine, or even plugins of other creators of the...
  6. T

    Question Can I find tutorial for making my original accessories like this?

    Can I find tutorial for making my original accessories like this?
  7. vamX

    Paid Scenes vamX 1.13 - Improved Virtual Sex 1.13

    A powerful, extremely fast way to use VaM. Filled with poses, animation, lip-synced speech, quick change scenes, stories, toys, looks, threesomes, orgies, an in-game tutorial, and an easy one-button-press interface! Watch on Slushe (HQ) Get vamX 1.13 at...
  8. noheadnoleg

    Guides [NHNL] How to create a sperm animation 1.0

    This is famous question in my patreon message box. Depend on my study, I set to 3 method from begin to advance as guidelines, A. Sperm CUA Method : Using preset sperm CUA, set asset name from "none" to "name_xxx" as toggle. Advantage : Easy, damn very easy. Disadvantage : Fake result...
  9. Syrinxo

    Guides Beginner Intro to Creating Custom Textures/Skins 1

    Outline: Rundown of texture types Where to start when creating a new skin The two major challenges - seams and color matching Demo: Using frequency separation in GIMP to color match a new feature: Duplicate layer Gaussian blur the duplicate until all desired details are lost Set blurred...
  10. MacGruber

    Guides MacGruber's Video Tutorials

    This page will gather my hopefully growing collection of video tutorials about various VaM topics. "Pay after watching, IF you liked it!" Producing quality video tutorials consumes a LOT of time. Just producing 10min of video takes about 6-8 hours on average from first concept to final cut...
  11. SupaRioAmateur

    Guides G8 cloth to G2

    How to convert G8 cloth directly to G2 (skipping G3 clone) I have been using this for a long time, this is helpful to people who did not know to. There is a readme on how to use it in the downloaded files. https://sharecg.com/v/97583/related/21/DAZ-Studio/Auto-fit-Clones-Part-Two
  12. dreamable

    Question Disable parts of VaMX? Or just learn VaM?

    I've mostly been using VaMX to play/use this game/tool, but I find it gets in the way sometimes. I figured out how to use plugins properly (session and person changes), and they do so much that it feels like VaMX is slowly becoming obsolete - except for posing, environment and lighting. Still...
  13. Miki

    Guides Hair Styling Tutorial

    This is the start of a few hair tutorials I will be making. So far it's just this one video, but will create more as free time allows. This is the first edited video I have ever made, but I think it turned out okay for what it's purpose is. That said, I will greatly appreciate any feedback...
  14. hazmhox

    Guides CUA Editor tutorial 1

    A few person on discord and on the hub asked if it was possible to control a custom asset through script... so after fixing a bug I had with mine with the help of meshed, I promised I made a tutorial to share the knowledge. So here we go. What do you need? C# knowledge A bit of Unity...
  15. oeshii

    Paid Scenes Lightroom Scene 1

    This is a simple scene with a 3 point light setup that you can play around with. Some brief features (more details on Patreon); Premade 3 point lighting setup + basic tips on how to set up one A model that you can rotate 360 degrees along with the lights (look+hair also available on Patreon)...
  16. YameteOuji

    Guides T-Shirt Guide 1.0

    If you're new to VaM clothing creation or you're just curious how I do things - This is the guide for you!
  17. Acid Bubbles

    Guides Timeline 3 Video Tutorials (Beginner) 2020-07-20

    Those videos cover the basic usage of Timeline, starting with how to add the plugin to an atom. They should help you get started quickly! For those who don't know what Timeline is, it's an animation plugin with keyframes and controllable curves. Inspired by Source FilmMaker, Blender and other...
  18. Acid Bubbles

    Guides Timeline 6 Wiki 6

    This is the official documentation for Timeline. This wiki contains screenshots, explanation, guides and video links. It's a work in progress, but it should help you figure things out! For those who don't know what Timeline is, it's an animation plugin with keyframes and controllable curves...
  19. MacGruber

    Guides Customized global illumination with SkyMagic 2020-05-01

    SkyMagic is a plugin included in the MacGruber Essentials package. It allows you to bake and import custom global illumination into VaM. It can be used in a number of different ways: Bake custom reflections within VaM to have global illumination match your light setup perfectly. Use the baked...
  20. MacGruber

    Guides Unity AssetBundles for VaM 1.xx 2020-03-07

    After some people essentially begged me to do it, I spend several evenings this week and the this entire Saturday on writing a tutorial on Unity AssetBundles. It ended up to be an 13 page PDF of 2700 words. Lots of pictures, obviously. This tutorial covers: Installing the correct Unity version...
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